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Job Opportunities @ GLOBALFOUNDRIES Singapore

Dear EEE Alumni
GLOBALFOUNDRIES Singapore is currently recruiting for a few positions,  Please refer below for more information.
If you are interested, please apply directly and submit your resumes to Mr Joseph Chong at
1. Principal Engineer – CMOS/NVM Device
  • Design of HV devices (e.g. EDMOS, LDMOS) to meet performance, reliability, yield and cost requirements.
  • Design of isolation scheme.
  • Design of test structures.
  • Development and implementation of test methodologies (E-test and bench).
  • Process architecture design, working with process integration.
  • Communication with customers and characterization to enable circuit design.


  • 3 to 5 years developing HV transistors.
  • Experience in detailed electrical characterization of devices.
  • Proficiency in layout and design rules.
  • FEOL Integration and TCAD experience would be an advantage.
  • Excellent understanding of device and process physics.
  • Aptitude for synthesis, optimization and innovation.
  • Ability and desire to work in a multi-disciplinary team.
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills.

2. MTS/Principal Engineer – RF SOI

  • Play a key technical role in RFCMOS process development on SOI for RF switch and PA (Power Amplifier) applications.
  • Define and modify CMOS architecture on SOI to meet the best switch application and PA application devices in most cost effective way.
  • Design and modify RFSOI device structures for best performance. Also design and modify passive devices for RF performance improvement on SOI.
  • Conduct DOEs on silicon to maximize the device and process performance with good reliability.
  • Interact with cross functional technical teams like Modules, TCAD, SPICE and DSD teams etc to get unit module setup, process/device simulation, modeling and enablement done for the processes developed.
  • Respond to customers’ technical queries.
  • Guide Engineers and AEs and oversee their technical work on need based.
  • Generate methodologies for continuous process/device improvements.
  • To be responsible to interact with internal & external customers and respond to customers’ technical queries.
  • The candidate shall be accountable to work with Fab and other cross-functional teams to develop RFCMOS process on SOI in cost effective manner.
  • The candidate shall be accountable to design and characterize RFCMOS active devices and high Quality passive devices.
  • Candidate shall also be accountable to define and establish RFSOI process/device design rules for the competitive device and process performance.
  • He/she shall also be accountable to do systematic design of experiment for process and device development /performance/reliability optimization.
  • He/she shall be accountable to have detailed technical interaction/discussion with cross functional technical teams like Modules, TCAD, SPICE and DSD teams etc to get unit module setup, process/device simulation, modeling and enablement done for the processes developed.
  • He/she shall also be accountable to debug and solve RFSOI process/device problems.
  • Masters or PhD in Electrical or Electronics Engineering or Physics or equivalent (Bachelor’s in Electronics Engg with good relevant experience can also be considered).
  • Minimum 3-6 year’s relevant experience (depending upon the degree and relevant experience) in RFCMOS process development. Strong understanding of CMOS, RF aspects and characterization of devices is highly essential.
  • Experience in developing RFCMOS processes on SOI for switch and PA applications will an advantage.
  • Good interpersonal skill, resourceful, good understanding of DOE, continuous learning & knowledge upgrading attitude.

3. MTS/Principal Engineer  - Ultra High Voltage

Job Purpose:
  • Development of > 500V HV process.
  • Engineering split design and execution.
  • Device testing and engineering report documentation.
  • Failure analysis and reliability testing co-ordination.
  • Own lots while learning the process development.
  • High Voltage CMOS and BJT Device test structure layout.


  • To be responsible for >500V process development (design of experiments and execution).
  • Work with enablement support teams (TCAD, Modeling, Design Enablement).
  • To be responsible for High Voltage CMOS device /process testing, analyze the results, arrive at conclusions.
  • Technical report writing, data analysis and documentation of process and device characterization data.
  • Co-ordination of failure analysis and reliability testing.
  • To own engineering lots after gaining confidence on process sequence and execution.
  • To monitor process SPCs in the development & qualification phase.
  • High voltage device /process test structure design and layout.


  • Degree/Masters/PhD in Electrical or Electronics or Material Science Engineering or equivalent.
  • 4-8 year’s relevant experience in High Voltage process development.
  • Good interpersonal skill, tactful, resourceful, continuous learning attitude.

4. MTS – TD Operations 

Job Purpose:
  • To work together with various Technology Development (TD) sites to achieve standardization of process, system & manufacturing best practices to meet or exceed TD key goals.
  • Be part of the team to achieve KPI targets set for TD Operations.
  • Participate or lead cross functional teams towards operational excellence.


  • Generate reports for monthly and quarterly tracking of KPI and resource spends (headcount, opex, capex).
  • Collect data towards regular budget setting exercises.
  • Provide technical specialized support for TD sites in cases for cross-site improvement projects.
  • Collect data towards EDB grant spend trends.
  • Be part of the team to achieve KPI targets set for overall TD.
  • Main Liaison with support teams (IT, SMO, HR) for cross-site activities.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or Business.
  • Diploma in Business or Engineering will be considered if experience is relevant.
  • 3-4 years’ experience working in roles involving Fab Ops, integration or modules or have good understanding of semiconductor processing.
  • Have worked in projects involving cross functional groups.
  • Proficient at Excel and Oracle.
  • Ability to work and influence cross-functionally.
  • Work independently and across hierarchies.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Self-motivated and results oriented.

5. MTS – TD Integration Engineering

  • Process integration, prototyping, device & process technology development.
  • Process flow setup.
  • Design rule, generation rules, bias table, ET spec setup.
  • Prototyping activities from tapeout to lot execution.
  • Device bench characterization & ET analysis.
  • Lead in unit module process development & optimization.
  • Lead in flash retention & endurance performance enhancement.
  • Yield enhancement.
  • Handle Process & product qualification.
  • Interface with IP partners or customer on process, product or technology discussions.
  • Lead in flash technology development.
  • Support corporate VAS initiative.


  • Degree/Masters/PhD in Electrical or Electronics Engineering or Physics or equivalent.
  • 5 to 7 years’ process integration, flash technology experience or device engineering background.
  • Good interpersonal skill, tactful, resourceful, Good aptitude of DOE, continuous learning attitude.
  • People Management and Leadership - Effectively managing and developing staff to perform to their utmost potential while delivering GLOBALFOUNDRIES’s objectives.
  • Business Management - Developing an understanding of GLOBALFOUNDRIES’s business process and ensuring achievement of objectives.
  • Technical Competency - Maintaining and developing technical skills to ensure GLOBALFOUNDRIES is at the forefront of technology.
  • Personal Effectiveness/Attitudes - Maintaining and developing oneself to realize full potential and maximize contribution to GLOBALFOUNDRIES.
  • Support corporate-wide new embedded flash customer engagement or business opportunities.