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EEE Alumni | Career Opportunities

From time to time, the EEE Alumni Affairs Committee receives information on upgrading programs, courses, seminars and job opening news from the faculty, industrial partners, public institutions, and prospective employers of our EEE graduates and alumni. Many of the information concerning training programs, professional growth and career opportunities may enable our alumni to grow in their present fields or help them to meet the challenges of the next step in their careers. As a welfare service to EEE Alumni, these communications are made on behalf of the original content providers, in the sincere belief that our alumni will benefit from the access to these information.
All the information provided on this webpage and its links is provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis and the use of such information is entirely at your own risk. The School cannot be held responsible for any errors, omissions or misinterpretations of the information supplied herein. Unless otherwise indicated, opinions expressed herein are those of the authors of the publicity materials and do not necessarily represent the views of the School.
If you are interested, please contact the person-in-charge directly. We also welcome your contribution if your company find this platform beneficial.
The School of EEE and the EEE Alumni Association wish you the very best in your learning and career.


Job Opportunities
Posting Date​ Position(s)​
​2 Jul 2020 ​Career Opportunities @ Nations Technologies Inc.
1. Engineering Assistant and Fresh Graduate Verification IC Design        Engineers
2. Senior / Fresh Graduate Firware Development Engineers
​2 Jul 2020 ​Career Opportunities @ Omnivision Singapore - Senior Analog Design Engineer
​2 Jul 2020 ​Career Opportunities @ STMicroelectronics - Senior / Engineer, Analog Design FE​
​9 Jun 2020 Career Opportunities @ MAXIM Integrated - Mixed-signals Power IC Design Engineer ​
​31 May 2019 ​​Career Opportunities @ Oracle NetSuite Graduate Program - Technical Associate Consultant​​
​28 May 2019 ​Career Opportunities @ Senior Engineering Technologist - Senior Engineering Technologist​
​16 May 2019 ​Career Opportunities @ Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)​ - R&D Electrical Engineer (IoT/AI Edge Compute Systems)​
​13 May 2019 ​Career Opportunities @ Maxim Integrated - Design Engineer
​13 May 2019 ​​Career Opportunities @ MediaTek Singapore - RF/Analog Design Engineer
​13 May 2019 ​Career Opportunities @ Sivantos​ - Senior / Design Engineer (Accessory Development)
​13 May 2019 ​​Career Opportunities @ Sivantos - Senior / Design Engineer (Rechargeable System)​​
​29 Apr 2019 ​Career Opportunities @ Rockwell Automation -  System Test Engineer I​
​16 Apr 2019 Career​ Opportunities @ OmniVision Singapore Technologies - Engineering Positions​
​10 Apr 2019 ​Career Opportunities @ Broadcom - R&D Engineer​
​2 Apr 2019 Career Opportunities @ STMicroelectronics Asia Pacific Pte Ltd​
1. Principal/Staff Engineer, GNSS Algorithms (JR 193657)
2. Principal/Staff Engineer, Networking Software (JR 193668)​
​2 Apr 2019 ​Career Opportunities @ A*STAR’s Advanced Remanufacturing and Technology Centre (ART) - Development Engineer/Assistant Engineer​
​19 Mar 2019 ​Career Opportunities @ Asian School of the Environment (ASE)​ - Field & Lab Coordinator – Urban Disaster Analytics​
​14 Mar 2019 ​Career Opportunites @ Foxconn Optical Interconnect Technologies Singapore Pte Ltd - R&D Test Development Engineer​
NTU Career Affairs Office is calling for alumni to be volunteers and to share your work experience at your convenience.  Click here​ to find out more.
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