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Graduates’ Evening


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EEE Graduates’ Evening 2012 – Le Chocolaterie

The much awaited EEE Graduates' Evening (GE2012) was held on 10 August 2012, at the ballroom of the

Fullerton Hotel Singapore.  Themed Le Chocolaterie, the event was attended by almost 500 participants – all dressed in their best and fanciest.

Registration began at 6 pm as participants started arriving, some having just got off work for the day.  The fresh graduates mingled around the reception area while enjoying the cocktails and macaroons specially prepared for them.  Shortly after, the ballroom doors were opened, and the participants streamed in with great anticipation of the night ahead.

At 7 pm, the event was officially started by the emcee, Ricardo, as a standing ovation was given to welcome the guest of honour, Professor Er Meng Hwa (Vice President of International Affairs), and the other professors into the ballroom.  Professor Er Meng Hwa, Professor Cheng Tee Hiang (Acting Chair of EEE), and Mr Aaron Tan (Chair of the GE2012 Committee) then presented their short and sweet welcome addresses.  Following this, a short video done by Liu Kai was screened in tribute to the fresh graduates who have slogged their hearts out in the four years spent in NTU.  The video was professionally edited and received much praise for the memories evoked.

The rest of the night was exciting and fun.  The EEE Excellence Award and Teaching Excellence Award winners received their awards and the applause they deserved.  Great food was enjoyed – the menu included delicacies like shark's fin soup and drunken live prawns.  Games to test the camaraderie and knowledge of the participants were carried out, and two excellent performances were put up by 2 Halfs (band from Hall 10) and the K-pop dancers respectively.

The highlights of the night were, indubitably, the lucky draws and selection of the Cocoa King and the Truffle Queen.  Candidates for the mini-pageant were selected from the best dressed of the night and went through the challenging mini-games planned by the committee.  He Li (cool and elegant) and Dustin (cute and charismatic) were eventually crowned the Queen and King respectively with the most votes from the audience.  The crowning was well-deserved as both were great sports and well-cheered by the crowd.

After the excitement, it was time for the hugely anticipated lucky draw.  As Ricardo aptly put it, "The new iPad? It's only the second prize for the lucky draw."  Groans and (somewhat solitary) cheers went up as the draw numbers for the lucky winners were revealed.  The winner who walked away with the new iPad cheered in elation (by himself) while his friends from the same table were dumbfounded in silence by his luck.  It came as a hilarious scene by many for his friends should have cheered for him.

A final toast was made to celebrate the success of the event, to congratulate the graduation of the students, and to mark the end of a wondrous night.  Participants lingered and went around taking photos with friends, and exchange promises to keep in touch.

EEE Graduates' Evening is a significant annual event very looked forward to by students, and it is not difficult to see why this is so.  Beyond the superficial (great food, great prizes and great performances), it is an opportunity for friends to meet with each other again after graduation, to update each other, and to give each other their best wishes as they move on in life.  This year's event has been a resounding success – and certainly, the next one will definitely be as well.

Written by: Lim Shiyun
Edited by: Aaron Tan

A few words of thanks from GE2012 Committee Chair, Mr Aaron Tan.


Winners of the EEE Excellence Award.


I was asked to feed you chocolates in the sexiest way.


Putting together great minds to find the answers for the quiz.


Sizzling K-Pop performance.


Finale Cheers!




Our charming Cocoa King and gorgeous Truffle Queen.


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