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Joelle Goh - Cups Media Pte Ltd

The Company
Since its inception in 2009, Cups Media has played a significant role in the growth of Singapore’s innovative advertising channel for businesses.  To date, it has partnered established brands such as HTC, Agilent, Ministry of Defence, National Library Board and Health Promotional Board, in distributing more than 50,000 advertising cups every month to their exclusive national network of offices across different industries and sectors free of charge.  Supporting this state-of-the-art marketing solution to offer a new, exciting and non-traditional marketing tactics for advertisers and money saving solutions for small, medium and large companies in Singapore is a EEE graduate whose steadfast belief in and commitment to service excellence helps differentiate Cups Media experience for every single partner to whom the Media works with.
Founded by Ms. Joelle Goh (EEE, 2005) and her partner in 2009, Cups Media specializes in handheld branding in the workplace.  Through displaying a marketing message, logo or special promotion on the quality paper cups, their clients can place their advertisement to their target customers’ workplace.  Literally, putting their advertisements in their customers’ hands!
Passion in the heart

Whether it is working with a national statutory board to design a marketing campaign to maximize their outreach message to the public, or partnering with a US-based engineering client to introduce their new service offerings to their targeted audience in Singapore, passion and drive are in the heart of the Media’s team.  Indeed, Joelle believes that it would be impossible to effectively help her clients without passion.  She says, “Passion gives one a powerful and compelling reason for one to strive for excellence.  A person with passion will never say die, work hard, and continue to make the project perfect.”
“Cups Media’s solution is innovative.  How did the business idea surface?”

The financial crisis has shaken the market and many people start to wonder if the existing business model/success formulas can work.  I believe that new business models will emerge as we move forward.  For example, cost savings will continue to be a norm.  I highly recommend those who have the entrepreneurial inspiration to read about the book “Why $0.00 is the Future of Business” by Chris Anderson, the author of The Long Tail.  It has broadened my perspective very much.
“I read from your interviews with ACE, Spring Singapore, and some articles about your company from Young Up Starts and Cool Business Ideas that your solution is innovative and smart.  Can you share with us more?”

Well, some of my clients say that our business is a “win-win for all”.  As you know, we deliver quality free paper cups to companies in our exclusive distribution list, covering various industries and sectors.  These companies may be spending $100 or $1,000 for disposable cups a month, or they may be using the non-environmental friendly Styrofoam cups on a daily basis.  By receiving our paper cups on a regular basis, totally free of charge, our partners save real money to improve their bottom line.  At the same time, our cups are a lot more “green” than other disposable cups. So, many people welcome us.  In fact, many of our partners come from the Fortune 500 or leading companies in Asia.
At the same time, advertisers like our solutions because their marketing messages can now venture into their targeted customers’ offices and be guaranteed to capture a lot more attention, compared to other marketing mediums.  Previously, no one can imagine they can effectively put their advertisement right in front of CEOs and decision makers of their targeted companies.  But now, their marketing messages are printed on our branded paper cups, used by the senior management and staff at their offices, meeting rooms or pantries.  Our advertisers can increase the impact of their advertisements, at a very low cost.  This helps our clients to capture their prospects’ attention for more than 60 minutes and in fact, their prospects not only see their messages, but also hold, touch and play with their advertisement as well!  This created a fun experience for many in the office, making our clients’ marketing campaign effective.
“Does your solution intend to replace the traditional marketing methods?”

Traditional marketing tactics such as cold calling, networking with their customers and putting their advertisements on TVs and newspaper are effective tools.  Our experience shows that our marketing solution can work very well with existing traditional tactics, enhancing the overall marketing campaign for our clients. At the same time, our solution can work very well independently as well.
“Finally, can you give advice to your juniors who are considering starting their own business after their graduation?”

I have learnt how to think systematically, logically and creatively from my EEE education.  The global perspective offered by the School challenged me in multiple ways.  I am very fortunate to meet Dr Lalit Goel and Dr Yeo Kiat Seng during my undergraduate years in NTU as both of them have played an instrumental role in my life.  I learnt from them that in order to be successful, one needs to pay attention to details, work very hard, and do your best all the time.  These will be my advice to our juniors in the School.
Ms. Joelle is the Founder and Consultant of Cups Media Pte Ltd.  To contact her, you can write to  To know about Cups Media Pte Ltd, you can visit