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Celebrating Togetherness with Tiger Beer

Celebrating togetherness

The School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering Alumni Association cultivates relations with students even before they graduate.

The School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering Alumni Association (EEEAA) invited students from the EEE Club and Graduate Evening committee members, as well as EEEAA members, to simply hang out and chill.

Gathering friends and partners, they descended on the Promontory@Marina Bay, where the “Celebrate Togetherness with Tiger” event was held. The multi-million dollar event was hosted by Tiger Beer, with the aim of fostering a greater sense of togetherness among Singaporeans.


“We took part in this joint celebration as it ties in with our effort to be more involved with the EEE undergraduates, and to facilitate bonding between them and the alumni community,” said Mr Hendri Zhang, President of EEEAA.

Supportive of EEEAA’s initiative was Assoc Prof Chang Chip Hong, Assistant Chair, School of EEE, and Liaison Officer, who has been actively engaging both alumni and students of NTU. 

Party on the BayEEE2aEL.jpg

Alumni and students present guzzled down free-flowing beer as they toasted one another “Happy Lunar New


But, all was not lost to the drinking – the Prosperity Salmon or Yu Sheng was also tossed amid well wishes for a year of health and wealth. The NTU bunch truly got into action, tossing the Yu Sheng high in the air, for the higher it goes, the more the wish will come true.

The new “bonds” between the EEE students and alumni were further celebrated as they watched together a superb display of fireworks over the Bay.

Truly, EEEAA’s effort to create “togetherness” between students and alumni matched the theme of the “Celebrate Togetherness with Tiger” event.

A night of spectacle

As beer and good food goes well together, guests were treated to a 15-course dinner, befitting the festivity of the night.

The host also treated guests, including the EEE alumni and students, to live bands that belted out festive Chinese New Year songs and a few English pop songs. Several local celebrities were there as well to entertain the crowd.

Overlooking Marina Bay Sands, the event held on the Friday 11 February, was a night of spectacle. It garnered a crowd of 3,000.

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© School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering Alumni Association

Article contributed by Sifat Rahman (EEE student)

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