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EEE Graduates’ Evening 2011 Committee Appreciation Night @ The Chocolate Bar, Marina Bay Sands Hotel, 27 August 2011

When 470 students work hard for 4 years to get their coveted degree, it calls for celebration at the EEE Graduates’ Evening (EEE GE2011) in July 2011.  21 people get together to present an evening for this group of EEE graduates of the 2011 cohort.  The success of the event makes their hard work worth it and it calls for appreciation.  The EEE GE2011 Committee Appreciation Night is held at none other than The Chocolate Bar at Marina Bay Sands on 27 August 2011.

In order to show appreciation to the organizing committee that contributed the hard work for the EEE GE2011, the members were taken to an exotic chocolate buffet on top of the famous Marina Bay Sands.  Some members of the EEE Alumni Association Executive Committee (EEEAA Ex-co) joined the event to congratulate them and invite them to be part of the EEEAA.

It was indeed a feast for the mind and the body.  The view was exhilarating from the 52nd storey and a private high speed elevator was used to escort all of us to the top in less than a minute.  The fun began right when the lift doors opened.  All members were wowed by the view.  The Chocolate Bar was situated at the Skypark and gave us access to areas which are exclusive to hotel guests.  All members made good use of the opportunity to roam around the restricted areas of the Skypark and capture nice shots that they can share with friends and family!  As expected, they knew the fun had just begun!

The chocolate buffet itself exceeded expectations.  The buffet consisted of all things sinful and chocolate.  All conceivable versions and combinations were present in the buffet, from succulent macaroons to hot chocolate brownies.  The options also varied from tantalatious chocolate financiers and hot-fudge ice-cream to a very different chocolate fondue with banana chutney.  Free flow of coffee and tea flowed alongside to rid the taste buds of previous taste in order to try out all the 52 flavours of chocolate dishes.  The members exchanged personalised cards and gifts, and brought out the best of camaraderie in them that had been built over the few months that they had spent bonding and working together to make the EEE GE2011 a success.  Prof Chang led the toast with a glass of splendid champagne.

In the midst of the evening, EEE GE2011 members freely mingled with EEEAA members to understand more about EEEAA, how they could continue to stay in touch with EEE and contribute back to their alma mater.  EEEAA members were happy to share about their own experiences and encourage their juniors to be a part in the upcoming alumni activities.

Whilst no amount of time can be enough to savour the beautiful city that we live in by the lights, all good things must come to an end.  However, this definitely was a happy ending for both the EEE GE2011 Organising Committee and the EEEAA Ex-co.  A group photo will speak much for a long time to come.  Such events forged bonds between young blood and create awareness amongst active students about the EEE Alumni.  We certainly believe the best is yet to come!

Click here for more photos!

Written by: Raman Bhadhri Prasad
Edited by: May Lim

A Breathtaking View from 52nd Storey of Marina Bay Sands

Part of the Rich Chocolate Spread



Behold!  Beauties in a row!

That’s All, Folks and See You Real Soon!


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