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EEEAA 13th AGM cum Wine Appreciation

Annual General Meetings (AGMs) are seldom known for being fun; but thanks to Associate Professor Chang Chip Hong’s splendid idea to combine it with a few Bordeaux labels, this day passed by easily amid the gentle clink-clanks surrounded by the pleasant aromas in the air.

It was 26 September 2009.  Members of the Nanyang Technological University - School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering Alumni Association (NTU-EEEAA) gathered together in the Tapestry Room at Bukit Batok Civil Service Club to have our 13th AGM. The event concluded a year of “fruity” events under the leadership of the 13th Executive Committee (Ex-Co). 13 years is a considerable vintage, and the association has “aged” under fine condition and made significant improvement in both managing the organization and running its events. In fact, the AGM itself attracted the largest crowd in the association’s history.

We passed the president’s and the treasurer's reports, proposed a few changes to our constitution and elected the new batch of Ex-Co members to take the realm for year 2009-2010. Led by the new president, Zhang Weiqian, Hendri, the 14th Ex-Co will focus on further strengthening the alumni bonding and coming up with value-adding events for all the members. One perpetual challenge has always been to juggle our members’ busy schedules . We would therefore need to prioritize and architect new ideas besides wines, and to fuel the engine of network building.

As the after-taste of the closing remarks for the meeting was still lingering, Associate Professor Michael Heng, our guest speaker, took the stage and delivered his resounding piece on his outlook for the job market. It was highly relevant and thought provoking, highlighting the implications of the current crisis and its potential impact on each and everyone’s career. “To drive faster, your headlight has to be stronger, so that you can see far.” Based on his years of experience and research, Prof Heng selflessly shared his own vision including a list of future jobs that are expected to emerge. He talked about how to be prepared for the future ahead.

Even though the official program for the day ended, everybody, including Prof Heng, seemed sober enough for a few more glasses. The crowd stayed on to catch up with one another, exchange business cards and make new acquaintances. For a moment, the nostalgia set in - just like the tar in our Merlot recalling the youthful hiking days along the hot summer roads, we were suddenly young and back in NTU again.

To get in touch with EEE alumni, or if you have any enquiries on EEEAA membership, please contact us at Alternatively, you may contact our secretary, Mr. Khur Boon Kgim, at his email:

Article by: Shen Jiayi and Zheng Yongmian

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