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EEEAA AGM 2011 @ UOB Plaza

Straight Hit on the F1 Grand Prix
- EEEAA AGM 2011 at top of UOB Plaza

25th of September is an eventful evening for NTU EEE Alumni Association (EEEAA).  This evening was shared by 111 EEEAA members and families as they gathered in the Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant for the EEEAA 15th AGM and to witness the final race of the 2011 Formula 1 SingTel Singapore Grand Prix.  Being at the highest restaurant in Singapore (located at the top and level 60 of UOB Plaza), participants were able to have an unblocked view of the city’s skyline.

Participants arrived as early as 6 pm in order to grab the best seats near the window, and to have direct access to the F1 race scene.  Early birds were able to view the cityscape from bright daylight to spectacular night lights.  The whole F1 race track was brightly lit amidst the magnificent night scene.  The participants were impressed by the arrangements of event by the EEEAA Ex-co and started exchanging name cards while waiting for the programme to start.

At 7 pm, Professor Kam Chan Hin, Associate Provost (Undergraduate Education), started the meeting by a welcome address and shared with us some new developments in NTU.  The AGM proceeded with various Ex-co members passing the minutes of previous meeting, presenting the Treasurer’s Report and President’s Report.  Hendri highlighted that EEEAA has successfully organized “Celebrate Togetherness with Tiger”, launched the unique EEEAA’s “EEE 30th Anniversary iGave Bear” with NTU Development Office and set up the online registration and payment system for events.  He also shared that the EEEAA website will be re-launched soon, and will serve as an interactive portal where EEE alumni can share their experience and connect with each other.  The AGM concluded by introducing all the Ex-co members’ profile and welcoming 2 new Ex-co members, Roc Koh and Ge Hailin.

After the AGM, some magical moments was presented by Chua Koon Yuan, a fresh 2011 graduate and new member of EEEAA.  His magic show gained impassioned applause from the participants and triggered immense excitement of the 5 children present.  This is definitely a potential sideline for Koon Yuan since he started learning magic during his teens and is now having maturity in his performance on stage.

Apart from the delicious dishes served, another attractive performance was displayed by the restaurant’s skilled tea master – to pour hot tea through a long-spout kettle into various participants’ teacups.  With his years of martial arts, dance and gymnastics training, he mastered the skill and manoeuvred the kettle without spilling a single drop.  His precision and grace left the audience amazed!

30 dishes of Si Chuan local delicacy were savoured in just one evening!  Meat, seafood and vegetables were cooked in various ways.  Some tasted sweet, some tasted salty, but most of them were spicy and brought burning sensation to the taste buds.  Ge Hailin, who grew up in Chongqing, eulogized that the food was just like what she had in her hometown!  The dishes were so popular that one was eliminated before the next was served.

The finale of the evening was the result of the F1 race.  The participants were able to see miniature race cars competing on the brightly lit race course from the top of UOB.  A big screen in front of the restaurant also projected live telecast of the race that enabled the rest to watch comfortably in their seats.  Cheering and other forms of expressions can be seen and heard throughout the broadcast.  2 participants won a bottle of wine each for guessing the right winner in “Guess the F1 Champion Lucky Draw”.

After a group photo, all participants departed with a satisfied diet quest and an enjoyable time with fellow alumni.  The fantastic fireworks of the F1 Grand Prix appropriately round off the event.  The event again, like many EEEAA events, created various “first time” experiences for many alumni – first time the AGM was held in a Si Chuan-themed restaurant and attended by 111; first time witnessing F1 Grand Prix from a height of 60 storeys; first time EEEAA’s collectible bear was seen and yet collected $700 for the EEE Advancement Fund.

With words such as “enjoyable”, “good works”, “great time”, “wonderful dinner at this wonderful place” and “look forward to another” in the autograph, indeed, thanks to EEEAA Ex-co and “EEEAA Rocks”!

Click here for more photos!

- written by Zhang Shu and Luo Chuan
- edited by May Lim

Top-down view of the F1 race course from Top of UOB


Early bird can have the best “seats”

Tea master displaying well-trained his skills


EEEAA Ex-co being introduced to the EEEAA members


The brightly lit F1 race course amidst night city’s skyline


Red hot group of participants, from inside out!


A string is coming out from his eyes!” exclaimed the children during the magic show

A “beary” happy table


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