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EEEAA Durian Feasting

It was simply shiok!   There is no better way to describe it.

YES!  On 26th of June was NTU EEEAA‘s Durian Feasting Event.  It was held at 717 Trading in Highland Centre, along Yio Chu Kang Road.

The lacquered wooden furniture outdoors was the perfect kampong-like setting for the whole group of us to sit down together to enjoy a feasting of the “King of Fruits”.  It was a fine evening.  You could tell from the excited chatter that floated amongst the smell of fresh durians that everyone was having a great time.

Each type of durian was announced as it was served.  There were the “101”, “D24”, “Cat Mountain King”, “Green Bamboo” and almost every popular type of durian in the market.  We lapped up all the information together with the meaty fruit and began to associate each name with a unique taste: bitter, bitter-sweet, sweet.  Thereafter, we had to note the color and the texture (ouch!).  It was almost free-flow of durians interspersed with generous helpings of rambutans and mangosteens to prepare our taste buds for each new durian taste.

In between mouthfuls, we chatted and networked.  We helped one another with servings of drinks and fruits.  We shared experiences on work, ideas and advices.  There were lively discussions, inclusive of updates on careers, insights into technology, a meeting of minds, the reminiscence of the good ol’ days, and so on….  The feeling of being united as one.

The event drew to a close as dusk settled in.  We had our fill with more than fruits.  With cheery good-byes, we parted by carrying along with us the sense of comradeship, names of new friends, nuggets of durian trivia and new knowledge about the “King of Fruits”.

It was a definitely a delicious and fulfilling engagement in more ways than one.  It should last us till the next time we meet at the next NTUEEEAA event – ……burp!

Written by H.K. Goh

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