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EEEAA EGM Coffee Appreciation


Mixing business with pleasure

Members of the School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering Alumni Association were treated to coffee

appreciation at its Extraordinary General Meeting.

When it came time to review its constitution, trust the School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering Alumni Association (EEEAA) to mix business with a little pleasure.

The EEEAA treated members to a session of coffee appreciation by Starbucks right after holding its Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM).

During its EGM, the association initiated two major changes to the constitution. Members reached a general consensus for the Ordinary Committee Members to be increased from three to eight. Also revised was the Term of Office of the EEEAA Committee. Members discussed and agreed that the Term of Office be increased from one to two years.

Towards the end of the EGM, Mr Hendri Zhang, EEEAA President, announced that Honorary Treasurer Koh Chiu How had resigned and filling in his position was Sharon Lim.

Pleased with what they had achieved at the EGM, members of the EEEAA could not wait to start their coffee appreciation. Starbucks store manager Karen Lung kicked off the session by introducing participants to the origins of coffee, its processing methods and taste.

To appreciate coffee, participants were taken on Starbucks' Around the World Tasting. Coffee from three major coffee-growing countries – Guatemala Antigua, Sumatra and Ethiopia Sidamo – were savoured by the participants. They were taught to taste through aroma, body, acidity and flavour, the four commonly used terms related to coffee.

Participants also found out that Starbucks coffee has its uniqueness – the way it roasts its coffee. Proud to call it the Starbucks Roast, the expert insists that it is the cumulative, positive and dramatic outcome of roasting coffee that makes each cuppa unique. The colour can be copied, but not the taste.

Pairing coffee with appropriate food will also further enhance its taste.

Rounding up the appreciation session, participants were taught to brew the perfect cuppa, which they can easily do at home.

The EGM cum coffee appreciation was held on 13 March 2010 at Starbucks, Capital Tower.

© School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering Alumni Association

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