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EEEAA Executive Committee Team Bonding

It was a long weekend due to a public holiday of Hari Raya Haji on 27 November 2009. A group of NTU Alumni gathered at Harbourfront Ferry Terminal as early as 8.30 a.m. They were none other than the executive committee members of the Electrical & Electronic Engineering Alumni Association (EEEAA). Led by EEEAA President, Hendri Zhang, the newly formed 14th ex-co members were heading to Batam KTM Resort for their first team bonding outing. Believing that a strong bond from within is the core for a successful alumni association, the main objective of the 2-Day-1-Night event was to build the team’s rapport and strengthen the team spirit of its committee members.

The first day was fruitfully spent on a day-long committee meeting and strategizing a 2-year plan for the EEEAA. Through intensive brainstorming and exchange of ideas among the members, major tasks for the year were outlined and several interesting activities such as forest adventure, industrial tour and etc. were shortlisted as tentative events for the near future. The 8-hour meeting ended with a motivational talk by Associate Professor Chang Chip Hong.

Work hard, play harder has always been the EEEAA’s philosophy to stay fun and exciting. The team visited the Waterfront Cable Ski Park for cable-skiing on the second day. The experience of standing on the skier as it slided with increasing speed on the water surface was challenging yet full of excitement. In no time, it was approaching the end of the great time. After having lunch, the team took a group photo with an exhausted but smiling face and left for the day. Now is time for EEEAA members to anticipate the upcoming events!

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