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EEE Fraternity RUN for Your Life - Standard Chartered Marathon 2012

EEE Fraternity RUN for Your Life - Standard Chartered Marathon 2012

We had a laudable success in our last “RUN for your Life” event in 2011 and we decided that we should continue for 2012.  This event was firstly being tested in 2011, and we noticed the inefficiency of implementation from manpower point of view.  As a learning organization, EEEAA wanted to make sure that the second time would be better and more efficient.  Here we come, Standard Chartered Marathon (SCM)!


The biggest issue is the need to issue stickers to participants for them to paste on their bibs and carry in their run to qualify for the monetary rebate.  This is the only way we can identify our participants amongst the mass.  However, SCM has a few categories of running routes with different starting points and at different start times.  In 2011, we issued the stickers right before the run at locations near to the starting points, but it was a manpower nightmare to deploy people at difference locations very early in the morning and to ensure that the locations can be easily found be the participants.  Thus, in 2011 Fraternity Run, only about 50% of the registered participants followed through the processes and claimed for the rebate.  For 2012’s event, we want to do better as we increase the manpower efficiency.

The Organizing Committee began the brainstorming in October, started the event promotion in November and issued the rebate on the date of the run on 2 December 2012.  In order to solve the manpower nightmare and logistic issue of issuing the stickers before the run, we decided to rely on Singapore’s postage service to do the job.  The committee spent a weekend working on the direct mailing and even do hand delivery for last minute registrations.  This change in the processes brought us greater efficiency and increased the final rebate to 75% of the registered participants.


Other than the change in process, we have also added better services to our EEEAA fraternity.  This time, we added in a social touch to this event.  Considering how exhausted it could be after a long run, we wanted to provide the runners with a massage service after the run.  To do this, we engaged the Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped (SAVH) to provide the service.  For this event, not only our participants were benefited, the masseurs from SAVH also benefited.  The participants were pleasantly surprised and welcomed this human touch after the physically tiring event, and the Organizing Committee was glad to have provided it.

There are also many ad-hoc decisions made during the implementation.  While we were waiting for participants to turn up for the rebate and massage, we noticed how exhausting the run were for the participants.  We decided then to provide them isotonic drinks and bananas as well.  This move was very much appreciated by the participants and was a pleasant surprise to them too.

Even though it was not all smooth in this second time of running this event, we did it better and with better time efficiency as well.  A couple of mistakes were made but we hope to do better for the 3rd time to come.

Written by Roderick Chia, Chairman of the Organizing Committee

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