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EEEAA Fraternity RUN for your Life - Standard Chartered Marathon 2011

EEEAA attempted the first time to gather alumni interested in the marathon quest.  Thus, Standard Chartered Marathon was spotted due to mass participation by marathon runners.  After announcements were made via emails, posters and website, 113 registered for the event.  Altogether, 18, 16, 30 and 49 registered for the 5-km, 10-km, 21-km and 42-km run, respectively.  These include EEE alumni, undergraduate students and staff.


To be well prepared, the EEEAA members-on-duty started with some warm-ups before the event day on 4 December 2011.  On 3 December, a karaoke session was participated by 12 members from 2230 hr to 0200 hr the next day.  Members were having a work-and-play session as they took their turns to sing and were briefed of their duties as well.  The session proofed to be helpful to break the ice between members and keep them anticipating for the tasks ahead.

After the karaoke session, the group started their team-work to get logistically prepared for the event.  Everyone was busy preparing or inflating the balloons, or stuffing them into a MPV.  Others are getting ready the paper work.  Upon completion of the preparation, the group went by 3 cars and proceeded to Orchard Ion, Vivo City or Esplanade for their duties.  This was the first time the group experienced their tasks done in the very early “morning”, way before the sun rose.


At the appointed time, registered participants came to have small chats and indicated their presence with members-on-duty.  Participants made special effort to locate us due to the huge crowd at all locations and while it was still dark.  The floating white EEEAA balloons helped them to spot from a distance and the big poster confirmed their find.  After registration, the crowd was gathered for the run.  All participants started slow in order to preserve their energy until the end.  Some came with friends and some came alone.  Determination was seen on those who started for the 42 km and 21 km run.  10 km and 5 km run were registered by those who did not manage to register for longer distance run or for those who wanted to have a try, as shared by participants.
The registration for the first location started at 0300 hr and the whole event lasted later than 1400 hr.  Shorter distance runners arrived at the meeting point from less than 2 hours after they started off.  They shared that this was a good experience and were encouraged to try for longer distance in the future.  Longer distance runners took as long as 8 hours for their run.  Indeed, “perseverance” and “determination” were tag to them as their mind won over their bodies.  All came to the meeting point to collect their subsidies and share their experiences.


Cramps, muscle soreness, drenched in perspiration was a common sight but not forgetting, all smiles too.
Throughout the experience, members-on-duty acknowledged that it is tough to be one of the participants as well as organizers.  The participants must be determined to conquer both physical and mental challenges in order to complete the run and organizers need to care for the finer details and commit their time to serve.  This is a good experience for the EEEAA and we will look forward to more activities in the future.

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