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EEE Alumni Home Coming 2008

The EEE Homecoming Program was held with the NTU Alumni Day on 4th October 2008. About 20 alumni of the School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering gathered at the foyer of Nanyang Auditorium at 2 p.m. They were ushered by the student helpers to the school where the Network Technology Research Center (NTRC), Digital Signal Processing (DSP) laboratory and the Robotics & Autonomous laboratory were open for the visit. The alumni were introduced the ongoing research projects, recent research findings and some interesting student project demonstrations carried out in these laboratories.

NTRC laboratory is well equipped with the state-of-the-art facilities to conduct research experiment and simulation on computer network and communication technology. One postgraduate student gave a demonstration on the software tool developed by the Final Year Project students to graphically emulate the interior home design. It helps in visualizing how the interior of an apartment looks like on computer by manipulating the arrangement of furniture and decorations on a prototype board.  The other project that caught the alumni attention is the use of power line to transmit data with minimum distortion. A demonstration was made on transmitting audio signal across power lines. This technique can provide a low cost solution to cablings required for internet access and other applications like cable TV. The power line communication technique will be adopted by Singapore PUB for meter reading. In future, all meters will be replaced by smart meters, which can be read from a central hub without the need to record the meter readings on site.  There was another interesting demonstration on how intelligibly and with minimum effort power line can be used to transmit fire alarm signal to a predefined mobile number. The house owner is notified by a SMS to his hand phone sent automatically by the system if it detects smoke.

The DSP laboratory is equipped with PCs, signal processing software and DSP processors to carry out emerging digital signal processing research. The alumni were shown a smart interactive white board developed by the students for teaching purposes. A low cost infrared device was used to control the slide navigation and the infrared pens for making the drawings on board. The smart pen functioned like a mouse on the white board. The alumni were also given a demonstration on another student project that used the game console to control the robots.

In the Robotics & Autonomous Laboratory, The alumni were introduced a project on autonomous vehicle developed by a group of researchers. The prototype model was able to sense the obstacles around it and move accordingly. An infrared moving mirror was used to locate its position as well as the surroundings. A prototype model, which allowed an autonomous vehicle to intelligently follow a front vehicle without a driver, was also demonstrated in a pre-recorded video.

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