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Graduation marks a memorable milestone of achievement among the many highlights of the learning experience at the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and the colorful campus life.  It is an important moment for celebration of the birth of the new alumni.  Each year, the School embarks on an E3 Graduation Yearbook for all the EEE final year students to deepen the ties with the other new alumni.  E3 Graduation Yearbook is a gesture of the School’s commitment to life-long network with alumni beyond campus.  The yearbook will be launched on the Graduates’ Evening.  It features congratulatory messages, individual photographs of graduating students grouped according to their final year specialization and their email and contact addresses.  It also showcases highlights of special events, residential hall activities, the creativity aspect of students, etc.  This publication unfolds the memories of every graduating year students and strengthens their relationships with other students, faculty mentors, technical staff and administrators that will endure for years to come.

Please click here to view current and past issues of EEE Graduation Yearbook.

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To keep our alumni informed of all the news and events on various schools and departments in the University and details on alumni events, all alumni will receive a copy of the alumni magazine, NTULink.  The NTULink is a quarterly magazine which is sent to all alumni who have updated their postal addresses with the University.  Thus, please do let the NTU Alumni Affairs Office know of any change in your postal addresses.

Please click here to view current and past issues of NTULink.


ClassACT is a monthly e-zine published by the NTU Alumni Affairs Office. Alumni with valid email addresses will receive the e-zine and be updated on news, events and courses in NTU.

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