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Jason Tai - 2009

Top Electrical and Electronic Engineering graduate Jason Tai’s great passion for exploring how things work started since he was a child. “When I was a kid, I was curious about how mobile vehicles and electronic devices work.”

Naturally, he chose to study engineering at polytechnic and university and he intends to pursue a Masters and PhD in Communications engineering in future. He now works as an Engineer in Defence Science & Technology Agency (DSTA).

Like most good students, he has many happy memories of NTU.

"The most memorable period of my undergraduate study is my Global Summer studies in the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). During the 2 months stay in the USA, I learnt how to live independently, prepare my own meals, clean up my studio apartment, etc. I also interacted with people from different countries, exposing me to different cultures and broadening my perspectives in many aspects of life. It was not all work. I also visited many beautiful places like Disneyland, Hollywood, Santa Monica, Las Vegas and the majestic Grand Canyon. I would like to thank NTU for giving me this golden opportunity to participate in this exchange programme."

Another unforgettable experience is the 22 weeks of internship at Singapore’s national measurement authority, National Metrology Centre (NMC). Besides learning to handle many advanced electrical instruments, my colleagues and supervisors also taught me many invaluable lessons in life, like the essential skills required to perform a job well and the way to enjoy every little things we do in life, which I am sure will put me in good stead for  my future endeavours.”

What advice can the top EEE graduate give to students contemplating on whether to choose the electrical & electronic engineering undergraduate course?

"If you think that you have an analytical mind and a keen interest in solving problems, EEE is definitely a right choice for you. It may not bring you big money and great prestige, but it is satisfying to pursue your passion. In order to excel, I advise students to build a strong foundation in fundamental engineering subjects, which are typically taught in the second year."

Jason finds the broadening curriculum in EEE helpful in honing soft skills which have definitely come in useful to him.

Pursuing his passion certainly paid for top EEE graduate, Jason!

​Jason receiving the LKY Gold Medal from President Nathan, NTU’s Chancellor

jasontai02.jpg ​
Jason (right) & his proud family,
From left to right, brother-in-law, mum, sister and brother-in-law

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