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Yeo Kiat Seng (Prof) - 1985


Prof. Yeo is a widely known authority on low-power integrated circuit (IC) design and a recognized expert in CMOS technology. His research combines originality and depth to produce high impact results, which has major practical ramifications for the IC design industry. As a result of his innovative pioneering work in the field of IC design, he has successfully attracted more than S$20 million of external research funding from various funding agencies and the industry in the last 5 years. He holds several patents, including two patents for the world’s smallest integrated transformer, the inventor of several high Q-factor RF spiral inductors and co-inventor of quite a few novel circuit techniques for RF IC applications.

Prof Yeo has the following advice about research in NTU. He said that today there are many forces driving change in research. The research landscape is becoming more global every day. 

Prof Yeo believes success in education and research does not come by just finding the perfect solution, but by learning to see and understanding the problem perfectly. “It’s not how good we are, it’s how good we want to be.”

This changes how we think about research collaborations, it changes the nature and direction of our research, it changes who our faculty, staff and students are, and it changes the experiences and exposures our faculty and graduates will need in order to compete and succeed in a global economy. NTU's role in generating innovative research comes about because we are constantly looking for new ideas, and sometimes defying traditional wisdom. But it is not just our own ideas. We keep learning through collaborating with others and adapting them to our own needs. Our success is in fact decided by our ability to attract the best and the brightest people from the region around us and the world, and our ability to nurture people diverse skills and abilities.

As we strive to uplift NTU’s research impact, we must remain committed to developing the strongest research capability possible in what we are best at. By working with well-known institutions and reliable partners, we will be able to bring in new technologies and know-how to accelerate the development of NTU’s education and research capabilities.

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