EEE Journey Induction Fiesta


EEE Journey Induction Fiesta


 EEE Journey Induction Fiesta


On 6th May 2017, the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering specially organised the EEE Journey Induction Fiesta for future NTU EEE students.

The event included fun game activities for the students to participate in, followed by a sharing session with NTU EEE Chair Prof Yoon Soon Fatt, academic staff and alumni.

Chair's speech

What’s so special about the amazing history of NTU EEE is that, apart from being one of the 3 founding schools of NTU, it is the largest school in NTU today! Prof Yoon tells us more that our impressive growth and formidable stature today “isn’t coincidental and a random occurrence”. Hear more about how NTU EEE come to be one of the most educational and research-intensive school in the world today, achieving her world Top 6 EEE subject ranking!

How is the world consisting of and benefiting from electrical and electronic engineering works, advances and innovations today? How important has it been and will be to come at work and play? Find out about the “business of EEE today” and how the industry is doing! Why do several renowned corporate companies keep wanting to set up labs together with us today? NTU EEE excels at being both academically and being industry relevant in today’s context!



How does NTU EEE ensure that our students are well-prepared once they step out into the ever changing working world and corporate culture? Watch the videos to learn more and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube.



Take away points 

1) EEE offers a very broad and diverse curriculum that prepares you in various areas in and out of engineering.
2) EEE encourages students to be bold, take risks and empower them with skills to be an entreprenuer.
3) EEE curriculum prepares students to be industry-ready.
4) Mid-term scholarships available to students.
5) EEE has strong partnership with industry players and 4 corporate laboratories with Rolls Royce, ST Engineering, SMRT and Delta Electronics.
6) EEE programme is ranked 6th in the world.

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