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NTU EEE students make cardboard arcade games come to life at NTU camp



At a camp organised by NTU’s School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering earlier this year, one of the tasks for its students was to use materials such as cardboard and Arduino circuit to create arcade games. Second-year student Li Xuele said she learnt a lot during the hands-on process. Another student, Zhong Guangrong, said they had to ensure the hardware and software could integrate, and also used programming in some areas. First-year student Chen Pinda and his team members designed a game where users had to press buttons according to the rhythm of the music.

Assoc Prof Andy Khong said as some felt engineering was dull, the school hoped to let students understand its practical value through such interesting learning activities, while also allowing them to conceptualise ideas and find solutions to the tasks assigned.

-Initiated by NTU CCO.

​Media Reports:

Lianhe Zaobao​, 21 March 2018, page 9

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Published on: 22-Mar-2018​​​​​

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