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​NTU EEE racing to make self-driving cars and advanced road safety a reality

Published on: 12-May-2017

​As hype around self-driving cars continues, in Singapore researchers are looking at ways of ensuring that autonomous vehicles are 100% safe, and to that end Nanyang Technological University’s School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (NTU EEE) is currently home to a live testbed for self-driving and connected car technologies.

For self-driving cars to be possible, we will need to have not just smart vehicles armed with multiple sensors to pick up information about road and weather conditions, but also incredibly smart computers that are constantly connected to the internet and each other to ensure that cars have all the information they need to make decisions.

NTU engineers and computer scientists are currently working on computer algorithms and the hardware that would be needed to help cars talk to each other and to fixtures on the roads – a field of research known as Vehicle2Vehicle (V2V) communication and Vehicle2Infrastructure (V2X) communication.

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