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​Senior Camp for NTU EEE students in July 2017

Published on: 18-Aug-2017

NTU EEE saw a 3-Day-2-Night camp organised for senior students on 10-12 July 2017. This was a follow-up camp, titled Senior Camp 2, to a previous one, Senior Camp 1, held earlier in the year on 14 January 2017. The majority of participants were mostly Year 1 students and a handful of Year 2 students and above – in total around 100 students, and which saw them travelling to venues like Gardens by the Bay and Sentosa’s Palawan Beach for camp games and activities.

The camps were organised by the organising committee (a group of around twenty-five Year 1 & 2 students) of EEE Efinity, a NTU EEE Freshmen Orientation Programme (FOP).


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