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NTU EEE’s IEM students have come in 3rd place in the Hult Prize local finals


The Hult Prize is the world’s biggest engine for the launch of for-good, for-profit startups emerging from university with over 2500 staff and volunteers around the world. In nearly a decade, the movement has deployed more than $50M of capital into the sector and mobilized more than one million young people to re-think the future of business as it continues to breed disruptive innovation on college and university campuses across 100 plus countries. The Hult Prize Foundation has been called the”Nobel Prize for Students” and has been featured in a TIME Magazine Cover Story highlighting the “Top 5 Ideas Changing the World.”

A group of IEM students from NTU EEE have come in 3rd place in the local finals. The team consisted of Nithyasri Manikandan, Khong Ting Feng, Ko Seoyoon and Muhammad Haikal Bin Mohd Rizan. All of them are from Year 2 with flairs in different areas.

How did your participation in the Hult Prize come-about?
"We have always had the passion for making a difference in our society. We've kick started our passion with the Hult Prize Challenge, taking the opportunity to learn from mentors and forge essential connections."

What was your team’s idea and a short description about the idea?
"We aim to provide meaningful and sustainable job opportunities for people with autism through our online learning cum job portal. People with autism can sign up to receive free specialised higher education such as software development, cyber security and data analytics. The educational materials are catered to the needs and learning styles of people with autism so as to ensure an effective and enjoyable learning experience. These learnings will be validated through our certification process. After which, we will help our users source for employment opportunities that match their skill-set so that they can continue to live a fulfilling and independent life."

Which teams were in 1st and 2nd place?
“1st was SDI Academy and 2nd was GivFunds, both of which are already well established start-ups. We learnt tremendously from them throughout the entire challenge."

What did you learn from this experience? 

“This was truly an enriching experience. We feel empowered to make a difference in people's lives, as this competition serves as validation for our idea. We learnt that an idea, no matter how small it may seem, can impact an individual significantly. All it takes is initiative and courage to get started."

Published on 30 Nov 2018​

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