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Gaining opportunities at Amazon-ing Land Transport Challenge

Amazon-ing Land Transport Challenge is a 2-month long event organized by Amazon Web Services(AWS), Land Transport Authority and Garage@EEE. It is a competition open to NTU students of all disciplines to formulate solutions that cater to real-life transportation problems. 

Participants were mentored by senior engineers from LTA, SMRT or SBS Transit and have access to 5 custom-designed workshop to learn about Marketing, Cloud Computing and Data Analytics. The Amazon Web Services (AWS) was used to deploy the prototypes for the projects. Five EEE students, Leow Cong Sheng (EEE/Yr 2), Soo Jian Xian, (EEE/Yr 2), Tran Nguyen Manh Thien (EEE/Yr 1), Peh Yu Yun (EEE/Yr 1) and Tran Thuy Dung (EEE/Yr 2) decided to formed a team to take part. The team found out about the event from Garage@EEE via emails. 

After brainstorming, the team created a web app called E3, which helps engineers to record faults on the LRT tracks using AWS. They integrated backend data processing, using machine learning to recognize and detect faults automatically on the images sent through the Web App. All data and statistics was then summarized and visualized on a Dashboard platform, helping engineers and maintenance staff detect faults and tend to the problems faster. The students used a lot of knowledge from Python, HTML, Data Science, Machine Learning, Database to solve this challenge. Participating in this hackathon was an eye-opening opportunity. The EEE students were exposed through technical knowledge on machine learning (Pytorch) during the workshops. The students also learned a lot on idea pitching, creating promotional materials and presentation as they had to promote our product to the judges. 

(Front left : Soo Jian Xian, Tran Thuy Dung, Peh Yu Yun, Tran Nguyen Manh Thien and Leow Cong Sheng)

These are new things that the team have not done before so it is a very fruitful experience for the team! A total of 11 teams presented their ideas and proposals. There were some impressive ideas being proposed. There was a team who used data analysis to solve the bus crunching problem, where buses are clustering up at some stops and too far apart at others, making many people wait for a long period of time. The team felt this idea was a good one that would help bus service provider perform better. The opportunity to take part in the hackathon allows the EEE students to work in teams, giving them invaluable real life experience that they hopefully take on into their working careers.

Published on 19 May 2020​​
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