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NTU EEE's Class of 2017: Roland Tay


Mr Roland Tay is graduating with NTU EEE’s Class of 2017, achieving a Doctor of Philosophy (Electrical and Electronic Engineering). He is one of the two valedictorians for the graduating Class of 2017.

What were some of your favourite university activities? 
I enjoyed doing sports such as swimming, playing badminton together with friends, or simply running around NTU’s beautiful campus!

What are some of your memories as a NTU EEE student?
As a research student in NTU EEE, I made a lot of life-long friends from different nationalities and backgrounds, friends who are fellow research students, undergraduates, post-docs, technicians and professors. Besides working closely together, I have a lot of memorable travelling experiences with them, such as going for conferences in the United States, having short holiday retreats in neighbouring countries, and even going for diving trips together. The bonds we’ve built have definitely synergised our effectiveness at work. 

What do you like about NTU EEE? 
I’ll let you in on this: NTU EEE has a very close-knit community, filled with nice and genuinely helpful people. It is truly a well-established school equipped with excellent learning and research facilities. I have undeniably gained much valuable research experiences and skills thanks to the guidance of the faculty staffs and students of NTU EEE. In addition, NTU EEE also offers a myriad of travelling and networking opportunities such as exchange programmes, internships and conferences! These provide important exposures for students who will definitely benefit from them and help them to excel in their future careers. Most importantly, the School has every intention to mould all their students to be successful.

What are some achievements you’ve attained while studying at NTU EEE?
I was awarded two TL@NTU Best Publication awards, which are given to groups working in Temasek Laboratories (TL) for their outstanding published researches. I was also awarded the EEE Best Thesis (Doctorate Innovation Award) over the course of my PhD. The award is given to NTU EEE PhD students who have generated useful results with commericalisation potentials.

What are your plans after graduating? 
I am currently a research fellow working in RMIT University under the Australian Research Council (ARC) fellowship.

What do you have to say to current and future undergrads?
NTU is absolutely a world-class university, surrounded by beautiful greeneries and equipped with exceptional learning facilities. As a student of NTU EEE, you will also have the privilege to work with people from different cultures, coming from different nations. NTU truly offers the best learning experience!



Published on: 18-July-2017 ​​​​

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