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NTU EEE’s Class of 2017: Yao Qiang


Mr Yao Qiang is graduating with NTU EEE’s Class of 2017, achieving a Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical and Electronic Engineering) with first class honours. He is an award winner for the upcoming NTU Convocation for the following: Motorola Foundation Gold Medal.

What is your favourite NTU EEE activity?
My favourite activity was the NTU EEE Family Day! It is an exciting event for all NTU EEE students and staffs. Students have the chance to get together to enjoy the free food and snacks, the awesome BBQ dinner, as well as the talent shows. Not forgetting, students have the chance to chat with professors in a relaxing environment, which makes this event really feel like a family party.

What are some experiences you had as a NTU EEE student?
As a NTU EEE student, I had many opportunities to experience entirely new things such as professional workshops and industrial visits, which were helpful to my personal development. Furthermore, during final exams, NTU EEE will provide goodie bags and fresh fruits to students, which makes students feel a whole lot more encouraged!

What do you like about NTU EEE?
NTU EEE gives me a feeling of belonging to a family. The School provides a good number of platforms for communication between professors and students, which helps both parties know each other better! If we have any problems, we can approach our assigned mentor, the Undergraduate Research Experience on Campus (URECA) supervisor, or our Final Year Project (FYP) supervisor for help and they are ever ready and glad to help us. 

Also, NTU EEE has clear guidelines to progressively introduce students to different aspects of EEE so that they can carefully choose specialisations which they are interested and informed in.

What are some of your achievements while being a NTU EEE undergraduate?
During my time, I achieved some of the following:

  1. Published one conference paper
  2. Was elected as the President of Institution of Engineering and Technology NTU student section club
  3. Won 1st runner-up in National Junior Robotic Competition 2016. The competition is organised annually by the Science Centre Singapore. Our team consisted of three of us NTU EEE students. Although we were not experienced in robotics, we took this chance and tried to learn as much as we could from this competition! 

What are your plans after graduating? 
I am now employed by Singtel and I hope to gain more knowledge and experiences for my future career in the telecommunication industry as an engineer. Moreover, I plan to pursue a higher degree in the future.

What do you have to say to current and future undergrads?
Being a NTU EEE student is a memorable experience, not only for all that knowledge gained, but also for the invaluable guidance to being a mature and decisive university student and adult.

Instead of your studies, I think that the most important thing in university is growth. NTU EEE taught me not only professional knowledge, but also the ways to face difficulties and solve them independently. Students start to learn to think more carefully and act more responsibly, turning into bonafide adults!

Published on: 27-July-2017 ​ ​​​​​​
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