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NTU EEE graduand (Class of 2018): Clarence Tan Ming Yang

NTU EEE graduating student, Mr Clarence Tan Ming Yang, is part of our Class of 2018! From being a committee member of EEE Club, to being the Garage@EEE co-president in his third year, and subsequently the senior advisor in his final year, we find out more about this graduand’s well-rounded and vivid experiences in the School to date!

What were some of your favourite activities in NTU EEE?
"During my four years in NTU EEE, catching up with friends and chit chatting over meals is one of my favorite activities between lessons. Other than that, I would be seen frequently and randomly in Garage@EEE (a makers’ lab run by student ambassadors). There will always be fellow students in Garage@EEE testing their prototypes or debugging some software and it excited me to see their process, from testing to finishing their actual products. The student ambassadors are often found in the meeting room as well, as they prepared their meetings and events for NTU EEE. Besides Garage@EEE, I made frequent visits to the IC Design I lab in NTU EEE where I worked on my Integrated Circuit Design (my specialisation area) designs. The lab holds several memories of my designs and milestones during my 4 years in NTU EEE! I would spend some of my free time running simulations and generating results from my circuits."

What are some of your experiences as an NTU EEE student?

"After my first year in NTU EEE, I took part in the Efinity 2015 Freshmen Orientation Camp and was the programmer for one of the orientation groups. The freshmen played games and bonded with one another during the camp and achieved a sense of belonging and forged friendships before even starting their first year of studies. The thrill of having fun with seniors and freshmen made the camp an unforgettable one, even as a senior. "

"I joined the Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) Club as a Special Project Officer in 2015/2016. The events I was involved in were: Family Day, Share the Love, Dinner and Dance, etc. One of the highlights was the Dinner and Dance whereby we had to collaborate with Efinity’16 Camp to organise the EEE pageants, and which took place at the Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel! The committee members had lots of fun together and memories were made during my 2nd year of study."

"I was a group leader for the Freshmen Makers Programme in 2016. This was a different camp from Efinity whereby freshmen took part in a technical camp and had to build autonomous robots, and a competition was held at the end of the camp. The excitement was different whereby I had to lead a group of freshmen in a technical activity as there was a timeline to abide to, as well as debugging of both hardware and software involved!"

"After the Freshmen Makers Camp, I became the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) in Garage@EEE! Garage@EEE is an innovation space in NTU EEE and managed by a group of student ambassadors. Together with Mr Sathya, the Chief Executive Officer, and 7 other student ambassadors, we aimed to inspire innovation amongst students in NTU EEE. Students can pitch ideas to Garage@EEE and successful ideas will receive funding from the School and students can then bring their idea one step closer to reality. The Student Committee also organises events and workshops for NTU EEE students such as Arduino workshops, Robotics competitions and Android programming, which are taught by our student ambassadors. As a CTO, my responsibility is to oversee the various portfolios in Garage@EEE and provide mentorship to the student ambassadors. I have been active in Garage@EEE from 2016 to 2018 and am pleased that the student ambassadors have grown in numbers and there has been an upward increase in projects pitched to Garage@EEE. "

"I was also the group leader for NTU EEE’s Innovation Challenge events in 2015 and 2016. Innovation Challenge is organised annually at the end of the year for junior college students! As group leaders, we brought them to explore the school corporate labs and guided them in a hackathon. My most memorable hackathon was actually the Innovation Challenge in 2016 whereby the students did not want to sleep at night, and insisted on completing their autonomous robot which was supposed to follow a line to avoid obstacles along the way. A gimbal was built to stabilise a solar panel as well. The other group leaders and I stayed up through the night too and assisted the students. "

"Last year, towards the end of my third year in NTU EEE, I embarked on a summer exchange studies to Hanyang University in South Korea, from July to August. It was an eye-opener to immerse in an overseas culture and the differences in classes taught in Korea. Throughout the 1 month, I stayed with 6 friends who were all from NTU EEE – we stayed together in a rented 4-room Airbnb apartment in the vicinity of Mapo-Gu, Seoul. We travelled to Hanyang University together, went for trips around Korea, and made several unforgettable experiences. I took courses such as Professional Academic English and Introduction to Computer Science which uses Java. The English communication classes required us to make presentations daily and to submit paragraphs on a weekly basis. The programming class in Java had a final assignment whereby we had to code a PacMan game and compete with our classmates. The summer exchange was indeed one of my most memorable experience during my four years of study!"

"My final participation in the NTU EEE freshmen camp was for Enitio in 2017. I was a Logistics member and was involved in the transportations and setting up of logistics. The camp had a great storyline with a gadget made by NTU EEE students. The gadget was called Navitas, and made with Arduino and several other components. There were both technical and non-technical aspects to the camp and the seniors spent months in school making preparations. There were even escape rooms created just for the camp. It was truly a memorable experience for me."

What do you like about NTU EEE?
“NTU EEE has a vast amount of specialisations to choose from. Due to the fact that I was previously a junior college student, I lacked the knowledge of what each engineering course was about and which engineering degree course was best suited for me. I wanted a course that would not narrow my choices from the start. NTU EEE provides a vast choice of specialisation courses such as Power Engineering, Microelectronics, Integrated Circuit Design, Computer Engineering etc. NTU EEE provides courses from hardware circuitry and electronics engineering to programming software engineering. This allows students to be versatile in the engineering field! The professors encourage critical thinking and would always assist students in their studies through consultations or mentorship. The ultimate reason for my sense of belonging in NTU EEE throughout these 4 years would be the Student Life and Development Unit. The staffs provide help with student events such as Family Day, EEE career day and numerous workshops and industrial networking sessions. They not only take care of the welfare of students but also provide students with suggestions to their career paths. The various events in NTU EEE made me feel the excitement from students in school and it gave the school a homely feel too.”

What are some of your achievements while being an NTU EEE undergraduate?
“My passion for Integrated Circuit Design (IC Design) grew as I did my undergraduate research (URECA programme) in Analog IC Design in 2015 when I was a 2nd year student, under the supervision of NTU EEE prof Siek Liter. During that period, I was intrigued by the complexity of transistor-level circuits and the design of integrated electronics. My first IC design research was the designing of a Low Dropout Voltage regulator which managed to attain a distinction grade. I was also awarded with the title of NTU President Research Scholar.”

"In 2017, I applied to Mediatek Singapore Pte Ltd for the Singapore Industry Scholarship (SgIS) and was fortunate to have the company accept my application, and further offered an internship placement. During the industrial attachment, I was assigned to the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) department and introduced to Digital IC Design. Doing the attachment in a department that designs electronic components responsible for the creation of images in a frame buffer further established my interest in IC Design."

What are your plans after graduating?
"After graduation, I will be going for my graduation trip with my NTU EEE friends and creating more memories with them, those whom I have spent my past 4 years of life with! After which, I will be embarking on a career in Mediatek Singapore Pte Ltd as a Digital IC Design Engineer. I will be working in the department responsible for the back-end design of Graphics Processing Unit."

What do you have to say to current and future undergrads?
“In NTU EEE, we are trained to be versatile and resilient. Our modules may be tough but nonetheless, rewarding. Always seek happiness in what you do in NTU EEE no matter the difficulties encountered during your semesters. Because at the end of the day, you will grow both your intellect and spirit from managing the stress. Be proactive in discussions and do not stop learning only at what you taught. Be hungry for more explanations because your professors will be more than eager to share their knowledge with you. Be daring, try and build circuits and code your own program before seeking help. Learning from mistakes is more fulfilling than referencing a model answer. Be optimistic because your hard work during these few years of undergraduate studies will definitely pay off. By the time you know it, you have graduated.”

​​​Published on 18 May 2018

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