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NTU EEE PhD student Mr Kalpesh Chaudhari wins (IEEE) IES SPTA award


A NTU EEE final-year PhD student Mr Kalpesh Chaudhari, based on his paper, was one of the winners of the competitive and prestigious “IEEE IES student Paper Travel Assistance (IES SPTA)” award at the 43rd Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society (IECON 2017), in Beijing, China late last year.

We get to know more about Kalpesh’s journey in NTU EEE so far and how he managed to win such an award.

43rd Annual Conference

Tell us more about this IEEE IES SPTA award. What is the criteria of being nominated?
The award is given by the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society (IES) during their annual conference of IEEE IES, and is given to students for presenting their works.

The award is now known as “IEEE IES Students & Young Professionals Paper Assistance” as per the latest update. A total of 18 papers were selected for this award based on the top review scores in the various fields of power engineering. The awardees were selected based on the review score. There were more than 1300 papers presented during the conference in various technical tracks of power electronics and power system.

I received this award for my paper “Agent-Based Modelling of EV Energy Storage Systems Considering Human Crowd Behavior” which was in the technical track of “modeling, management and control of energy storage systems in electric vehicles”. The selected students for this award were asked to prepare and present a 3-minute video presentation of their respective papers. The idea of a 3-min video session is to help students learn how to advertise their projects for the public as well as to promote the authors.

The video link of my mentioned paper presentation can be viewed here:

How do you feel about winning the award?
It feels great to get selected for this award. It was presented to me by the president of IEEE IES during the conference. I was also given an opportunity to present my video in front of top professors in the field of power engineering! Getting to interact with them and discuss about my work was absolutely a fantastic opportunity for me to excel in my research.

Give us some background about yourself.
I am currently pursuing PhD under the guidance of NTU EEE Prof Gooi Hoay Beng. My research area is system identification & modelling of electric vehicle changing load, and optimisation of energy storage system for electric vehicle charging stations.

I have previously worked with Jacobs Engineering Group for 1.5 years as a Design Engineer in the Oil & Gas sector. In my role, I was involved in the electrical substation designing and power distribution across petroleum refinery in the “Reliance Jamnagar 3” project, which is the world’s largest petroleum refinery today.

While working in the project, I managed to merge 2 electrical substations without affecting performance of the existing system which saved the project cost by US$0.5 million.

This gave me the inspiration to pursue a career in research of electrical power engineering.

Do you think NTU EEE has helped in your student journey and achievements?
Definitely yes! NTU EEE has provided me an opportunity to get involved with industry related projects. The discussions during my project meetings as well as the guidance from my supervisor and colleagues helped me to conceptualise my ideas. Not forgetting, the EEE seminars played an important role too. I received exposure to the latest advances in my field through the numerous seminars organised by NTU EEE. They are a nice platform to interact with renowned professors and researchers from different global universities.

What EEE-related projects are you currently involved in?
I have worked on the projects “Hybrid Energy Storage System in Microgrid” from Jan 2015 to Dec 2017. I’m currently working on “Hierarchical Transactive Energy Management System for Enhanced Community Market Participation”.

43rd Annual Conference

43rd Annual Conference

Published on: 27-March-2018 ​​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​

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