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NTU EEE Students' experience at MakeMIT 2020


MakeMIT is an engineering makeathon that brings together over 250 students from all around the world who are passionate about designing and building. Across 18+hours, groups of makers will work together to develop an idea and materialize it through engineering design process. This makeathon is held at MIT and is organised by MIT Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. 

This year, three of our NTU EEE undergraduates participated in MakeMIT. Duan Jiafei (EEE/Yr3), Wong Jun Kaih (EEE/Yr2) and Lu Xinpei (EEE/Yr3). They were very motivated to participate in the MakeMIT challenge as they wanted to expose themselves to the global engineering scene and benchmark their engineering skills by competing with some of the most innovative and brightest students from the top universities such as MIT, Stanford and Caltech. Their idea for the competition was to make a device that allows user to attach to any N95 masks. The device’s job was to calculate out the lifespan of the mask which is about 8 hours on average depending on various individuals. 


The device uses sensors such as accelerometer, temperature & humidity sensors to track and compute out the rate of decaying of the mask due to usage. This is to help prevent mask wastage especially during this period where there is a global outbreak of COVID-19 . The team also used Verizon's Critical Asset Sensor to measure the environment temperature and humidity which can also affect the lifespan of the mask. The team won the “Most innovative use and incorporation of "5G / IoT / sensors" project prize that was sponsored by Verizon. In fact, Verizon is so impressed by their project they are keen to continue working with them on the idea. 

There were several teams that really impressive the NTU EEE team. There are many innovative ideas such as an injection moulding that can make use to mould any material, or a computer that was built without any electrical wires. Most of the projects constructed during the hackathon requests a high level of engineering skills and knowledge. Opportunities like these are abundant during university life and students should take on these challenges as often as possible. This opportunity gave EEE students to meet students, professors and sponsors from US and internationally, helps them grow their network and gain real-world experience that will help them when they enter working life.

Published on 25 March 2020​​
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