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NTU EEE graduand (Class of 2018): Hu Xiao


NTU EEE graduating student, Ms Hu Xiao, is part of our Class of 2018! She is graduating with a Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical and Electronic Engineering) with Honours (Highest Distinction). Hu Xiao is also an award winner for the upcoming NTU Convocation for the following: 1) IEEE Power Engineering Chapter (Singapore) Gold Medal cum Book Prize award and 2) JTC Gold Medal winner. We find out more about this NTU EEE graduand’s experiences in the School!


What were some of your favourite activities in NTU EEE?
“The orientation programmes help freshmen to adapt to the new life in NTU and get familiar with the classmates and campus.

The Sports Clubs help students to keep fit and balance their study and life!

In addition, at the start of each semester, there is a mentor meeting which helps students to keep in contact with their mentors, is when we can have good two-way communication, as well as make a suitable study plan for ourselves.”

What do you like about NTU EEE?
“Firstly, the NTU campus environment is very good. The afforest system covers the whole campus. The traffic is convenient, many school buses are able to take students to their schools. Also, NTU provides student hall residence for freshmen in their first year. The lecture theaters and tutorial rooms are neat and clean. The lectures’ video recordings are uploaded online for students to revise the knowledge points.

The lab conditions are outstanding among the universities in the world. Since my specialisation is power engineering, I had a lot of practical experiments in power labs, and appreciated that the IC chips, motors and many other electrical machines and components are newly bought. Also, students must sign on the safety rules form before they can enter labs. Therefore, through this process, each student is aware of the dangers which may happen in labs.

The lecturers and professors are professional and warm, I appreciate the invaluable discussions and tremendous help from the professors.”

What are some of your experiences as an NTU EEE student?
“Studying experiences: Each semester, there is a number of team work projects, hence, we can pick up some communication skills and learn how to cooperate with our group members. During the exam period, there normally be study groups and we can all discuss the encountered problems – it definitely helps us to pick up the knowledge points and improve learning efficiency.

Research experiences: The lab conditions in NTU are outstanding among the world’s universities. I really cherish the opportunity to pick up some research experiences in NTU EEE since there are many lab sections attached to the modules!

Club experiences: In NTU, I joined some sports clubs such as the NTU shooting club for 2 years. And in the final year elective course, I chose a basketball elective! The members in the team are from different courses, some are from Business school and some are from Engineering school. And though we come from different backgrounds, we still have a lot of topics to talk about and which cultivated our team spirit.

These kinds of activities help me to keep fit and to release the pressures of school and life. The various clubs in NTU indeed help us to enrich our lives and make new friends.”

What are some of your achievements while being an NTU EEE undergraduate?
“I was on the Dean’s List twice, in two different academic years. I’ve been awarded a Book Prize in Electronic Devices And Machines (NTU). For convocation, I’ll be receiving the IEEE Power Engineering Chapter (Singapore) Gold Medal cum Book Prize and the JTC Gold Medal.”

What are your plans after graduating?
“I have been awarded Nanyang President’s Graduate Scholarship and I will further my PhD study in NTU.”

What do you have to say to current and future undergrads?
“The campus environment and academic in NTU are impressive. We need to balance our life and study. University time is not only about study but also provides various activities. Wishing all the undergrads try their best to graduate with a good academic performance as well as enjoy the student lifestyle in NTU EEE!”


​​​Published on 27 July 2018

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