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NTU EEE graduand (Class of 2018): Sathya S/O Vijayakumaran

NTU EEE graduating student, Mr Sathya S/O Vijayakumaran, is part of our Class of 2018! From being involved in various freshmen orientation camps, to being the CEO of Garage@EEE in the school, we find out more about this graduand’s vibrant and unique experiences in NTU EEE!

What were some of your favourite activities in NTU EEE?
“The Freshmen Orientation Camp titled “Efinity 2014” was one of the most memorable events in NTU EEE for me. It was the orientation camp I attended in year 1 and through the camp, I made many great friends and created beautiful and lasting memories with them! NTU EEE has no shortage of activities…Freshmen Orientation Programmes, EEE week, Welfare Pack Giveaways, EEE Sports Go and EEE Family Day are some of my most favourite events in NTU EEE!”

What do you like about NTU EEE?
“Though NTU EEE is one of the largest schools in the world, the opportunities provided for students are plentiful! Whether it is an opportunity to develop a soft skill, hard skill or pursue projects of certain interests – the opportunities are far-reaching. Also, the staff of NTU EEE are some of the most approachable and friendliest people I have come upon: from the staff in the Undergraduate Programme Office, the Student Life and Development Unit, the Outreach office to the professors. Seeking help or even academic advice from them never seemed an issue at all.”

What are some of your experiences as an NTU EEE student?
“I was presented with multiple opportunities to learn, grow and develop. I had the opportunity to work with a group of highly motivated and dedicated fellow NTU EEE students, from whom I learned many things in Garage@EEE (a makers’ lab in NTU EEE)! I had the opportunity to conduct a workshop for junior college students. I also had the opportunity to explore various roles such as being the CEO of Garage@EEE, logistics officer for the Freshmen Orientation Programme 2016 and Enitio 2017, and daily-in-charge for the Innovation Challenge 2016. The different positions allowed me to gain varying experiences and lessons!”

What are some of your achievements while being an NTU EEE undergraduate?
“I took up the responsibility of being the CEO of Garage@EEE during my third year in NTU EEE. Alongside an amazing team of 8 fellow students and under the guidance of NTU EEE Prof Andy Khong and his staff member Rachel Fong, we embarked on a journey to promote innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit among students. The team built the foundation by promoting Garage@EEE, organising various events, conducting workshops to equip students with the relevant skills, and many other activities aligned with our goals. The tremendous efforts and numerous hours of hard work the team and myself had put in was later paid off when an increasing number of students expressed interest to join the committee and also take up projects in Garage@EEE. The committee expanded from 9 to 70 odd members now!”

What are your plans after graduating?
“After graduation, I wish to join the Singapore Police Force to pursue my ambition. Although it is not quite relevant to my course of study, I had actually found my passion to serve in the frontline of Singapore’s security over the years.”

What do you have to say to current and future undergrads?
“3-4 years is not a very long time and university is not all about studies! Though your studies should be the primary focus, do engage in other activities and join committees to develop your soft skills and at the same time, to have fun. It is really important to study hard and play hard simultaneously. When it is time for graduation, aside from the degree certificate, the knowledge gained, the memories created, the bonds built will also be some of the greatest takeaways. So maximise your time and the ample opportunities in NTU EEE, and make the best out of your years there!”

​​​Published on 6 June 2018

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