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NTU EEE graduand (Class of 2018): Tey Jun Yuan

NTU EEE graduating student, Mr Tey Jun Yuan, is part of our Class of 2018! Embarking frequently on overseas trips for study and cultural exchanges, as well as for voluntary purposes through NTU EEE Overseas Community Involvement Projects (OCIPs), we find out more about this NTU EEE graduand’s dynamic and heart-warming experiences.

What were some of your favourite activities in NTU EEE?
“There are many events that we have here in NTU EEE annually. Throughout my 3 years in NTU EEE, I enjoyed participating or even organising some of the activities! As I enjoy doing voluntary works, I organised and participated in Overseas Community Involvement Projects (OCIPs) where we carried out electrical projects in rural areas. I definitely found work meaningful when I was able to apply my knowledge and skills as an electrical engineer into real life applications. Besides that, I also enjoyed engaging juniors through freshmen camps, as well as going to EEE Family Day where all of us gathered and had fun together!”

What do you like about NTU EEE?
“NTU EEE is like a second home to me. This is where I’ve struggled a lot for the past years and is also a place where I am so blessed to be at as I met close friends whom I am so lucky to have. Moreover, NTU EEE provided me with an ample number of opportunities to grow. As NTU EEE is the biggest cohort in NTU, the school provides a vast amount of resources to groom each one of us to become a leader. I am indebted to the school which makes me who I am today.”

What are some of your experiences as an NTU EEE student?
““As an NTU EEE student, I am glad that I was given a whole slew of opportunities to grow and excel! With the support from the school, I was given the chance to venture out to Europe for a semester. During my time in the Czech Republic, I met many international friends and was able to have cultural exchanges with them. The friendships forged were precious and I cherish them till today. I was also given the chance to go to Korea where we interacted with various other universities and learnt about their schools.

In the voluntary aspect, I participated in an OCIP in Laos and was then inspired by my leaders to step up and plan for an OCIP in Chiang Mai, Thailand the year after. When planning for the Thailand OCIP, my fellow planners and I made a lot of efforts in creating memorable experiences for our team. We travelled to a rural village of 28 households in Chiang Mai, where electricity was not available there. As EEE students, we went forth to apply our knowledge and installed electrical systems for all the households! The sense of accomplishment was immeasurable when the first light bulb ignited as we conducted our tests. Initially, we went there with the sole intention of helping the villagers. Instead, we came to realise that we had received more than the things we gave them.

The villagers taught us the simplicity of life and how happiness can be acquired by appreciating the things we have. In addition, the trip enhanced the team spirit and bonds among all of us. Ultimately, the values and experiences we brought back home were priceless.

Locally, my team and I organised voluntary projects which give our NTU EEE students an avenue to contribute back to the society. The smiles and appreciations we received from our beneficiaries were things which kept my passion going in helping more people selflessly.”

What are some of your achievements while being an NTU EEE undergraduate?
“For the past three years, I did not have much academic achievements. However, I am glad that my peers and I were able to have close friendships with one another after going through thick and thin together. They are the ones whom I am so proud to know, and being able to graduate together with them will mean the greatest achievement to me!”

What are your plans after graduating?
“I am glad to have secured a job in the engineering field. I will be joining Continental Automotive Pte Ltd, a multinational company which is operating in the car industry business. I accepted this job offer because of my passion in developing new things to improve lives. This coincides with the basic principles of being an engineer, which is to improve people’s lives. Thus, I am very excited to embark on this new journey.

After graduation, I will continue to carry out my voluntary works and hope to inspire more juniors in taking up similar roles to contribute to our society. Also, I will be involved in alumni events where I hope I can stay in touch with my fellow peers after graduation!”

What do you have to say to current and future undergrads?

“As an undergrad, we should not be afraid to step out of our comfort zone, and take up roles and responsibilities when we are spending much time in a place where we call “home”. NTU EEE is a place I called home. The school is where we struggle, we fall and make mistakes. However, through the experiences, we learn how to manage and be better when we carry on our journey after graduation. Upon the day of graduation, that is when we know we have made an impact in our university life.”

Published on 5July 2018​​

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