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NTU EEE graduand (Class of 2019): Helen Choo Hwee An


NTU EEE graduating student, Ms Helen Choo Hwee An, is part of our Class of 2019! She is graduating with a Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical and Electronic Engineering) with Honours (Merit). She is also the winner of EEE Leadership Award 2019 and was Chairperson for ENITIO TOP 2017 and Garage@EEE. We find out more about this NTU EEE graduand’s experiences in the School!

What were some of your favourite activities in NTU EEE?
My favourite activity in NTU EEE was attending the Freshmen Orientation Programme (FOP) in 2015 when I was a Freshman, as well as being the Chairperson of the inaugural ENITIO Freshmen Transition & Orientation Programme in 2017.

Joining the FOP 2015 as a freshman was one of the best decisions that I have made in NTU EEE. Despite the fact that being a freshmen can be daunting due to the uncertainties and unfamiliar environment at the beginning, joining the FOP allowed me to get to know dependable/approachable seniors who have since then guided me and ensured that I had a smooth transition into the school. Through the FOP, I have also forged strong bonds with new friends who eventually stayed with me throughout the four years. 

Being the Chairperson of the first ENITIO Freshmen TOP in 2017 was an exciting and fruitful experience. It was the first time we launched a technology-based Freshmen Orientation Programme and although the journey was arduous, I have witnessed how the team supported one another in tough times. Even though there were many times we felt like giving up, we still had each other’s back and pushed on to complete it. This was the first time I have experienced the tremendous power of passionate leadership, how passion is contagious and can transcend from one person to another as long as we have faith in one another. This left a great impact in me – because we pressed on, we managed to reap the fruits of our efforts and the result was beyond satisfaction.

What do you like about NTU EEE?
I like the fact that the School of EEE encourages us to venture beyond what our curriculum can offer. The school provides us with many platforms and opportunities since freshmen year to allow us to embark on a journey of self-discovery. They strongly encourage us to take on leadership roles in various initiatives and platforms and ensure that we are well-supported in our pursuits. I also like the fact that we are always able to seek help and assistance from our Professors and Staff, be it academic matters, pastoral care or holistic development. It makes me feel like home when I know that this is a place that I can learn, make mistakes, have the autonomy to venture into new ideas, seek for any support and spend my time with people in this big family.

What are some of your experiences as an NTU EEE student?
In terms of academic exposure, I had the opportunity to head to Seoul, South Korea for my Summer Exchange at Hanyang International Summer School with my friends. It was really a great experience for me as it was the first time I was away from home for such a long time (one month) and to study overseas to experience how different it is from Singapore. It was also an eye opening experience for me as I explored Seoul and adapted to the lifestyle there. This has really enhanced my university experience in NTU.
In terms of holistic development, I also had the opportunities to take on various leadership roles in school that have contributed largely to my vibrant school life. These leadership roles range from being Assistant Chairperson for Innovation Challenge 2016 and ESCENDO Camp 2018, to being the Chairperson for ENITIO TOP 2017 and Garage@EEE in 2018/19, and also advisory and mentoring roles for my successors/juniors along the years. I have also been invited as student panel speaker for various events by NTU EEE to share about my leadership and personal development journey. My leadership journey in NTU EEE has been rewarding as it has brought me to understand how to not just make myself into a better person, but also how to make everyone else better.
In terms of other experiences, I was part of the first Leadership Immersion Programme initiated by the School of EEE to partner with the industry (Delta Electronics) and have exposed myself to strategic and design thinking, how to adopt creativity, know-how & innovation to tackle corporate/technology challenges (real-world problem-based learning), and also broadened my perspectives beyond academic curriculum.

What are some of your achievements while being an NTU EEE student?
In 2017, I was nominated by the school to attend the 8th University Scholars Leadership Symposium (USLS) hosted at the United Nations Convention Centre (UNCC) in Bangkok, Thailand. It was a week-long leadership development training program designed for young persons who are committed to making this world a much better place for the human race. I was glad to be nominated by the school and it was quite a humbling experience for me to be reminded on how fortunate we are and how we should seek to use our relative affluence and influence to create a better world.
Also in the same year, I was invited to represent NTU as a student panel speaker at the National Conference on Technology-Enhanced Education hosted by National University of Singapore (NUS). The theme was “Technology, Faculty Engagement and Student Learning: Expanding Mindsets and Changing Culture in Higher Education”, and the student panel had to share about our experiences, concerns and thoughts about student learning with technology.
In 2019, I have been awarded the EEE Student Leadership Award - an award given out to recognise exceptional student leadership and contributions in the School of EEE.

What are your plans after graduating?
At the moment, I have already began my full-time job as a Field Service Engineer. I plan to spend the next two years or so learning as much as I can, understanding what interests me the most and then perhaps reevaluate the other possible uncharted paths for me to venture into.

What do you have to say to current and future undergrads?

Make the best out of your 3-4 years here. Have an open mind, forge long lasting friendships, be courageous to explore the uncharted paths, and stay true to your passion. 


​​​Published on 28 July 2019​

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