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NTU EEE graduand (Class of 2018): Ang Teck Lih

NTU EEE graduating student, Mr Ang Teck Lih, is part of our Class of 2018! From being part of several school committees and school activities, to being committed to enhancing alumni connections with undergrads, we find out more about this NTU EEE graduand’s dynamic and memorable experiences in the School!


What were some of your favourite activities in NTU EEE?
“There were lots of activities organised by NTU EEE even before starting the semester, looking at the choices for Freshmen Orientation Camps (Efinity and Enitio). Both camps run concurrently, Efinity lets students experience all the fun elements with games and outdoor activities. Enitio lets students experience technical activities.

During my student life, there were many more activities like EEE Family Day, Electric Cycle, EEE Local Community Involvement Programme (EGNITE), EEE open house, EEE outreach, and even engaging with EEE Alumni Association (EEEAA).

Before we graduate, NTU EEE also organises the Graduate Evening for us to gather for the last time as a class!

All the activities mentioned above were equally wonderful. I would like to specially talk about EEE LCIP (EGNITE), the name EGNITE was founded by a group of students including me on 2016. In the past, people would only refer to the programme as “EEE LCIP” which we thought was a very common name used by almost all the schools, by merely just calling it LCIP too. We wanted to create something different to let NTU EEE stand out from the rest and make the programme a trademark and an identity for us! The aim was to engage current students with our alumni to do community projects. From there, NTU EEE students could achieve networking with alumni and at the same time, be “Egnited” and inspired to contribute more back to the communities.”

What do you like about NTU EEE?
““One degree, many opportunities”, a strong student body with a strong alumni network! NTU EEE not only focuses on academic but also activities that allow us undergrads to network with people. NTU EEE students are presented with a lot of opportunities and revenue for us to network and build our capabilities in terms of technical skills as well as interpersonal skills. There are several platforms for us to seek trainings, self-improvements, create ideas and network in NTU EEE! We are living in a globalised world which needs us to be equipped with soft skills and which NTU EEE are providing to us. I am genuinely proud to have been an undergrad student in NTU EEE!” .”

What are some of your experiences as an NTU EEE student?
“I participated in a range of school committees, events, activities and programmes! I was in the main committees for Efinity (freshmen camp), EEE LCIP (EGNITE) and EEE Graduate Evening. I was a student ambassador for the NTU EEE open house, and supported as a helper for EEE Family Day. I was also supporting under LEAD for NTU EEE’s Overseas Community Involvement Projects (OCIPs) to Laos and Thailand. I participated in an overseas cultural trip to Korea, and also in an overseas exchange programme to Czech Republic!

One of my most memorable experiences was when I was a planner for EEE LEAD’s (Leadership, Empathy, Adventurous Spirit, Determination) OCIP trip to Thailand in 2017. It was a unique experience as most of the planning was done when I was on overseas exchange in Czech Republic! Planning for the OCIP trip could be smoothly done because there was a great bond with my counterparts in Singapore and good friendships were forged among all the team members. The real intent and the heart of volunteering brought us closer together despite the distances.

Before we started our OCIP, we had some team (formed in September 2016) bonding by collecting relevant information and necessary consents about the project before we went for a recce trip to find answers in December 2016. The actual project date was on July 2017.

During my exchange abroad in Czech Republic for 6 months (Jan to Jun 2017), I kept in contact with the coordinator, negotiated with the sponsor (Schneider Electric in both Singapore and Thailand) and continually updated the team in Singapore through skype meetings, in our efforts to keep to the planned timeline. Therefore, discipline was very important.

With a team of 19 NTU EEE students, we carried out our electrical installations in a remote village in Thailand. In total, we completed our installations for 28 households, installing newly built electrical systems by our sponsor.

The lesson I gained from this was when one has the heart to contribute, nothing is impossible! We had proved that no matter where we were, projects could still be completed. The journey of building this friendship of truth was very important. After our OCIP trip, I felt that our team members had grown a lot by living in a remote area without lights and data connection. During that period, we got closer and reflected on ourselves. We felt really privileged living in Singapore with facilities ready for us to use. Through the project, we learnt to become leaders that could lead with compassion and appreciate small things in life. Giving is better than receiving; a simple smile can also brighten another person’s life.”

What are some of your achievements while being an NTU EEE undergraduate?
“My greatest achievement was being recognised by NTU EEE to receive the appointment of a Student-Alumni Associate (SAA), for my active contributions towards the development and cultivation of alumni relations among the students and alumni network. I was involved in activities such as the EEE Alumni Association (EEEAA) AGM 2016 where I helped with the barbeque set-ups, photo taking and article writing, and I was involved similarly in other events like the EEE AA soccer, durian tour, AGM 2018, and the quarterly chill out sessions.

This achievement was not that easy, a lot of time was invested to cultivate bonds with our Alumni and engage them to mix well with our current students to create sustainable relationships.”

What are your plans after graduating?
“NTU EEE has equipped us with a skillset that better prepares us to face the world. As an undergrad student, I gained a lot of training provided by NTU EEE. With all that I’ve gained, I have also secured a job with a large and well-known company before graduation, a software engineer post in the instrumental department.

My first thoughts of the job position was that it was challenging as I didn’t have much programming knowledge. After my job interview, I learnt that knowing programming language is not the most important. A host of other factors were considered by the interviewing company, my soft skills, technical skills, networking skills, logic skills….those which I harnessed and applied for my Final Year Project ….NTU EEE indeed prepared me well in terms of my education and trainings, for me to have passed the interview!

I wish to continue to keep in touch and contribute back to NTU EEE as an alumni, to guide the current students!”

What do you have to say to current and future undergrads?
“To the current students, cherish the friendships with your peers, stay united but open out too and get involved in more activities as they can help in developing yourself more. University life is short, and in NTU EEE there are lots of events and activities that keep students occupied and gain exposure. Grab the opportunities to mingle and network before time flies and you realise that it’s time to graduate!

Also to my fellow graduates, after completing our university education now, we will be going down different paths after graduation; keep in touch and be proud to have been a student of NTU EEE.”

​​​Published on 21 June 2018

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