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NTU EEE student internship at Rolls Royce NTU-Corporate Laboratory


In year 3 of university life, all NTU students get a glimpse into what life after graduation would be like when they take part in their internship. EEE student, Mohammad Nazreerudin Bin Amirrudin​ talks about his internship at the Rolls Royce NTU-Corporate Laboratory.​

Tell us about your experience at your internship?

I did a PI with Rolls Royce. PI stands for Professional Internship and EEE students are required to undergo a 20-week attachment in a private or public organisation, locally or overseas, during their course of study in NTU. I did my professional internship this semester from January to June 2019. I was interning at Rolls-Royce as an assistant researcher. I mostly job-shadowed my assistant supervisor, an associate researcher. Apart from assisting them in testing of electrical circuits, I assisted with some administrative task, research electrical components and proofread documents. On a daily basis, I prepare various electrical components to be tested, soldered, management of wires and quality check all the equipments.

Why did you chose Rolls Royce?

I chose this company to gain experience working in the private sector and I felt I would be able to learn a lot on-the-job. I also wanted to see how stressful life can be as a research assistant as I have plans to pursue my studies by taking up a master’s degree.

What are some of the challenges you faced in your internship?

One of the challenges I faced during my internship, was to present to my hiring manager. During my course of internship, all the interns are required to do a monthly presentation regarding our Project Development, the Completed Tasks and the Upcoming Tasks. I was very nervous before my first presentation as presenting to a large crowd is not my forte. Despite having done numerous project presentations in school, presenting in front of my superiors was a whole new level and felt nerve-wrecking. Even though it was just a five minute presentation, I remember preparing thoroughly for it. I calmed down after I recalled how I aced in school presentations.

What important skill have you learnt from this experience?

An important skill that I learnt is to work better and communicate better with other people. Adaptation is also an important skill to have as we need to adapt to our superior’s working style, the company’s culture, and even our colleagues’ working style is also important.

What insight you have about working life after graduation?

My biggest takeaway about working life is that even though it is important to be good at what you are doing, it is even more important to be able to work well with others in a team. Most of my intern tasks involves more than a pair of hands to complete. Hence most of the time, I will work together with my colleagues to complete it. Having a good team makes the work more enjoyable and effective! As they say, teamwork makes the dream work.


​​​Published on 18 December 2019​

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