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NTU EEE students won the Enactus Singapore National Competition 2018


1st right: Goh Zong Han (NTU EEE student), 3rd right: Sazzad Hossain (NTU EEE student)​

NTU EEE students were part of a team which won the Enactus Singapore National competition 2018 held on 30th June 2018. The team, which also represented the Enactus NTU club, competed against several other teams and emerged champion! The team’s winning entrepreneurial project focuses on education. It is a combination of two businesses, SDI Academy (English communication courses for migrant workers) and Intute (Math diagnostic skills for underprivileged children). The Enactus NTU team will be representing Singapore at the Enactus World Cup next month in California, Silicon Valley. 

We find out more from NTU EEE team member, Goh Zong Han about the team and their efforts taken to become the national champion of the Enactus Singapore competition!

Give us some background about your team members and the project your team presented.
The team consists of myself:
Goh Zong Han, NTU EEE (Information Engineering and Media) student
Founder of Intute (

Intute also came in 2nd at the SMU Social Start-up Challenge in February, winning S$3000 in seed funding.

[At Intute, we believe in a world where every child can realise their fullest cognitive potential regardless of circumstance. We provide greater access to highly personalised education by equipping tutors (both volunteer and commercial) with technology-enhanced learning tools.

Our product is a Smart Math Assessment Platform that allows tutors to assign dynamically-generated homework based on learning analytics, perform highly-specific searches for relevant teaching materials and respond to questions outside of class. Intute is designed with community tutoring programmes in mind, which are often plagued by inevitable volunteer rotation and non-standardised materials. These factors can hinder a child’s learning and compromise the effectiveness of said programmes.]

Au Yong Yu Lin, Accountancy student
Vice President (Projects) at Enactus NTU. Also, a core team member at Intute, handling client relations.

Sazzad Hossain, NTU EEE student
Founder of SDI Academy and has authored an English guidebook called “Dr. English”, which simplifies the learning of English as second language for migrants. Sazzad is one of the youngest fellow at the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA), whose mission is to enrich society through ideas and action. In recognition of his excellence in social entrepreneurship, he has also been nominated for the Ashoka Fellowship Programme.

Fan Wei Liat Egwin, Public Policy and Global Affairs student
President of Enactus NTU.

Kent Loi, NBS student
Vice President (Projects) at Enactus NTU.

What was the experience like for your team in participating in the competition?
The Enactus Nationals is an annual evaluation of the good work done throughout the academic year by all social enterprises across the different Enactus school clubs. Enactus clubs send their best teams to pitch their projects before a panel of judges. The reason for our start-ups (Intute and SDI Academy) being chosen out of EnactusNTU’s 14 projects, to represent the school, is due to the thematic synergy between the two in delivering a compelling narrative – where education can be used as a powerful tool to improve the lives of the less privileged.

Leading up to the event, our start-ups have been hard at work creating as much social impact as possible. The journey for Intute specifically has been challenging. We have made multiple iterations on our platform based on user feedback and had many of our initial assumptions about our target audience challenged. What used to be a B2C model where students studied independently on our platform without the supervision of an actual tutor has now transitioned into a B2B model, where we work closely with tutors to enhance their teaching. This is because we realised that a blended learning approach is ultimately much more effective than having a pure online learning environment. Our focus over the past few months has been on establishing partnerships with organisations such as Jurong Spring Community Club and Kembangan-Chai Chee to integrate our technology into their existing tutoring programmes.

It was more of a decision to join the EnactusNTU Club rather than the competition itself, which was just a secondary by-product of membership. I chose to join the club because of our common ideals and a strong passion for bettering humanity.

How did your NTU EEE learning experience help you for this competition?
The deep implementation of blended learning technologies within the NTU EEE Information Engineering & Media (IEM) curriculum itself has allowed me, as an end user of an online learning platform myself, to identify elements worth emulating or improving on when developing Intute.

How do you feel and who would you like to thank? 
Trying to change the status quo is always challenging and at times a lonely process. Winning the Enactus Nationals has definitely been a strong affirmation of all the hard work we have put in for our individual projects. I would like to thank all EnactusNTU members for being part of our collective journey in making the world a better place. Entrepreneurial action can be a lonely endeavour, but the companionship of like-minded comrades makes the journey that much deeper and more enjoyable. I would like to more specifically thank Au Yong Yu Lin from Nanyang Business School and Wu LinHan from the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information. Both are members of Intute’s core team and have been working hard alongside me to help realise its mission.

How did the collaboration with other NTU students come about?
EnactusNTU is a school club where entrepreneurial students passionate about alleviating societal problems congregate and kickstart their own social enterprises. It is through this community where I found my core team members. Club members also share strong camaraderie even across different projects.

What benefits do you think you and your team members got from this event?
We will be representing Singapore at San Jose City in California this October for the Enactus World Cup. It will be a wonderful learning opportunity as we get to connect with changemakers from other countries and be inspired by their projects. We will also be doing a bit of exploring at Silicon Valley prior to the actual event, which will definitely be an eye-opening experience for all of us!

What can aspiring entrepreneurs learn from this?
When passionate nonconformists congregate, awesome things happen. Form or find a tightly-knit community which can drive you to take action.

Where do you go from here?
Personally, I will be further exploring the field of education technology and potential use cases of machine learning for Intute. Our most immediate vision is to have every volunteer-based tutoring programme in Singapore utilise our platform, and to make these programmes as effective as commercial tuition. By lowering the barriers to effective tutoring, we provide greater access to quality education.


Photos credit: Enactus Singapore Facebook page​


Published on 21 September 2018​​

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