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Research Fellow Dr Han Zhimin


Dr Han Zhimin 


NTU EEE welcomes one of its newest members, research fellow Dr Han Zhimin who is a completely fresh new staff with us. She shares more on how she ended up to be with the NTU EEE family.
“When I was about to get my PhD from Zhejiang University, I was considering to pursue a postdoctoral job position for further research. I had highly hoped to continue my research career at a top-ranking university where my research experience could be matched with.

NTU is a famous research institution with a good academic reputation, and I have now gotten the opportunity to participate in a project which matches my expertise perfectly with NTU EEE. Thus, it was wonderful for me to join NTU EEE!”


Dr Han willingly divulges more about her background and how she ended up doing research at NTU EEE. 
“I completed my B.S. degree in 2011 from Zhejiang University, China, majoring in Automation, China.

After that, I worked directly towards my PhD degree in control theory and control engineering. I was very lucky to have Prof Lin Zhiyun to be my supervisor. He really helped me a lot to build my research interest and train my research skills. With guidance from him, I started to have fun solving some of the problems of formation control. He always pushed me on to focus on the most valuable problems and to try my best to make more contributions in my research area. After five years of continuously working hard, I have improved my research abilities significantly and also finally earned my PhD degree this year.

I felt that there were still lots of problems which I was interested in that were unsolved. So I decided to continue my research in a postdoctoral position in NTU EEE. I hope that with the help of my supervisor, NTU EEE’S Prof Xie Lihua, I can solve more valuable problems such as of formation control and make more contributions in our research area. I definitely also look towards having great cooperation with my colleagues at NTU EEE!”

What EEE-related projects Dr Han is currently involved in: 
“I am involved in the project of GPSless localisation for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) with self-organised distributed coverage of 3D structures. The project aims to develop a Vertical Take-off and Landing (VTOL) UAV system with GPSless localisation system and self-organising distributed coverage of 3D structures. The localisation system can be achieved with the pre-setup of ground sensors that interact with the VTOL UAV to derive location information."

What Dr Han does in her free time:
"I like singing karaoke with my friends. I also like doing exercise activities like running and hiking in my free time."


Published on: 24 Jan-2017 

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