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Research Fellow Dr Harikumar Kandath


Dr Pratik Chattopadhyay 


NTU EEE welcomes its newest family member, Dr Harikumar Kandath. He gamely shares what made him readily join the NTU EEE family fold. 
“I have experience working on Aerial Robotics and I wanted to expand my knowledge base and expertise in the same field. NTU EEE is working on many projects related to it,” Dr Kandath shares.


Being a completely “new bird” in NTU EEE, Dr Kandath shares more on what drew him to engineering and subsequently into the research arena. 
“I hold a PhD’s in Aerospace Engineering in the field of aerial robotics, a Master’s in control systems, and a Bachelor’s in EEE. I have worked on various aspects on making autonomous systems: varying from electrical, mechanical to chemical processes. I have worked on control of mechanical systems like aircraft, of chemical processes like heater mixer and electrical systems like inverter. I got attracted to engineering for its importance of the application of Mathematics into practical systems. I was more inclined towards pure mathematics at the starting phase of my education, and only later got inclined towards applied mathematics and its realisation through physical systems by engineering.”

What EEE-related project Dr Kandath is currently involved in:
“A project on multi-vehicle control with the ST Engineering-NTU Corporate Laboratory. For this project, a group of 5 members including myself are working on developing algorithms for surveillance and target identification using multiple vehicles. The algorithms are developed for surveillance of a given area using multiple unmanned aircrafts. The idea is that all the unmanned aircrafts are each equipped with a camera to identify the targets.”

Some of the things Dr Kandath is looking forward to in his new position:
“I am looking to gain more expertise in vision aided autonomy of multiple vehicles including target localisation.”

What Dr Kandath does in his free time:
“I play sports like table tennis, cricket and go for jogging. I like to visit the beaches in Sentosa as well. In addition, I like to watch movies in English, Tamil and Hindi languages.”


Published on: 24-Dec-2016 

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