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Research Fellow Dr Liao Kai


Professor Wang Peng 


NTU EEE is pleased to usher in a completely-new staff to join us in the new semester, research fellow Dr Liao Kai. He tells us how he came to arrive at the NTU EEE premises today.

“I completed my B.Tech. in Electrical Engineering in 2011. After that course, I really wished to explore more about power system stability and thankfully, I got an opportunity to pursue my Ph. D. degree in Electrical Engineering from my alma mater, Southwest Jiaotong University China. In addition, I got selected as a visiting Ph. D. student in the University of Sydney from September 2015 to March 2016.

After my studies, I wished to pursue a post-doctoral research career in a top-ranking university. I am elated that I got the opportunity to work at NTU, Singapore which stands at thirteenth place in the QS World University rankings." 

Dr Liao raves about the exceptional NTU EEE environment that he has encountered to date,
“The resources in the library are plentiful and comprehensive, including the online e-books, which contribute to an exceptional and ideal work environment to produce our best efforts among the research staff. I look forward to creating healthy relationships and collaborating with other research staff and faculty members of NTU EEE!”

What EEE-related projects Dr Liao is currently involved in: 
“My research is focused on the power system damping controller. I am involved in a project which is focused on the power system stability issue with high penetration of renewable power generation. The high penetration of renewable energy makes the inertia level of power system decreased and of course adverse for the frequency and rotor angle stability. The objective of this project is to study some useful and robust control strategy for the renewable power generation, such as the wind turbine generator with double fed induction generator or with permanent magnet synchronous generator and the photovoltaic power generation, to improve the system frequency stability and rotor angle stability.”

What Dr Liao does in his free time:
“My hobbies are playing basketball and reading.”



Published on: 4-Jan-2017 

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