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Research Fellow Dr Pratik Chattopadhyay


Dr Pratik Chattopadhyay 


An entirely fresh-new member of the NTU EEE family is Research Fellow, Dr Pratik Chattopadhyay, who is working in NTU EEE for the very first time and has his sights set high here. He shares more about why he chose to join NTU EEE:
“After completing my PhD’s, I wished to pursue a post-doctoral research career from a top-ranking university. I am happy that my dreams were fulfilled and I got the opportunity to work as a research fellow at NTU, Singapore – which stands at thirteenth position in the QS World University rankings. 

Although my background is in Computer Science and Engineering, my expertise is in Computer Vision and Machine Learning. The project which I am presently working on at NTU EEE matches closely with my research expertise and experiences. Thus, after I got the job offer from NTU, I had no hesitation in joining the NTU EEE family as a research fellow.


Within these couple of months of joining, I am overwhelmed by the disciplined work culture of the research staff in NTU EEE. The research environment that NTU EEE provides is fantastic. It facilitates collaboration among research staff and exchange of one other’s ideas. The labs’ cleanliness, strict rules and regulations, etc., contribute to a truly professional environment. This also allows research staff, students and faculty members to deliver their best efforts in their work.”

Dr Pratik sheds some light on his background and how he ended up in the research realm today: 
“I completed my B.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) from IEM, Kolkata under West Bengal University of Technology, India, in 2009. After that, I opted to go for Master degree studies since I really wished to explore more about CSE and its different dimensions.

Thankfully, I got an opportunity to pursue my M.E. degree in CSE at Jadavpur University in 2011. During the latter phases of my Master degree courses, I gradually got introduced to reading and writing research papers, and was attracted towards pursuing a Ph.D. degree after Master’s.

Next, I got selected as a Senior Research Fellow at the School of Information Technology at IIT Kharagpur, which is one of the finest universities of India. I am thankful to my PhD supervisor Prof Shamik Sural, whose constructive suggestions and feedbacks helped me to develop my research skills. He always motivated me to extend my academic and research career further, and instilled the confidence in me to independently solving research problems. I delivered my final PhD seminar in November 2015.

After that, I worked as a Visiting Scientist for six months at the Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata (which again, is one of the top-most research institutions of India), starting from January 2016. Currently, I have been working at NTU since mid-June 2016, and till now, the journey has been quite good. I hope that along with my supervisor Prof Wang Lipo, I shall be able to make significant contributions to our project.”

What EEE-related project Dr Pratik is currently involved in:
“I am involved in the project MOSCATO. The objective of this project is to find rogue insiders in an organisation by detecting suspicious user actions that appear harmful for the organisation, or other members working in it.

We use past instances of insider attacks to train the system to distinguish between malicious and non-malicious user behaviours. However, an organisation will only have a small amount of ground truth data for malicious insiders as compared to a significantly large number of non-malicious insider data. Cost-sensitive classification techniques with an ensemble of classifiers are used to address this problem of unbalanced data classification.”

Some of the things Dr Pratik is looking forward to in his new position:
“The priceless experience of working as a research staff in a world-class University at NTU EEE and developing my research skills further. I very much look forward to making good contributions to the project, and publishing research articles out of it. Furthermore, I am looking to creating healthy relationships with other staff and faculty members of NTU EEE in my research domain, and looking to collaborating with them in future.”

What Dr Pratik does in his free time:
“My favorite hobbies are painting (water color, oil, acrylic, ink, etc.) and playing musical instruments like the keyboard, Spanish guitar and lap steel guitar. In my leisure time, I am usually engaged in any of these activities.”


Published on: 25-Nov-2016 

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