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Research Fellow Dr Xu Zhilin


Professor Wang Peng 


Not being a complete newbie at NTU EEE is our fresh research fellow, Dr Xu Zhilin. She tells us more about the factors which drew her to the School of EEE premises in NTU.

“My experience at NTU EEE first started in 2015 when I came to NTU EEE for an exchange programme from June to December that year. In that six-month period, I learned a lot at NTU EEE, from the knowledgeable professors, the hardworking buddies, and the positive communication in research seminars. Moreover, the advanced facilities and well-managed laboratories at NTU EEE enabled me to conduct experiments successfully and safely. These experiences at NTU EEE were priceless and enjoyable such that I did not want to leave when the exchange project ended!

In June last year, I received my doctoral degree from Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST), China. Personally, armed with a strong will of continuing my research career, I started to keep an eye out for post-doctoral opportunities. Gratefully, I found a suitable research position open in NTU EEE and did my best to apply for this job. When the position was confirmed for me, I received it with great appreciation.”


Dr Xu tells us more about her background and how she came to choose to be in the research line. 
“I completed my B.Sc. in Optical Engineering from the School of Science, Nanchang University, China, in 2011. 

After that, I immediately started my PhD’s, studying in the School of Optical and Electronic Information, HUST and received the PhD degree in June 2016. During my PhD stage, I majored in optics fibre sensors and microfibre devices. After my studies, my first job would be starting out here at NTU EEE! 

Honestly speaking, it is not easy to do research, because it requires the researchers to invest a serious amount of time and energy into it. However, it turns out that the final success is always so exciting that us researchers willingly devote ourselves into the scientific research. Furthermore, I hope one day, through my efforts, I could do something really meaningful for our society.”

What EEE-related project Dr Xu is currently involved in: 
“I am now participating in the project “Novel Photonic Devices for Third-order Parametric Downconversion”. It aims to demonstrate the feasibility to develop efficient third-order parametric downconversion (TOPDC) at 1.596μm for generating photon triplets in phase-matched optical fibres, which can be distributed to long distances with low loss fibre link for quantum communication with high security. In this project, I mainly work on design and optimise novel special fibres to increase the TOPDC efficiency, as well as experimentally demonstrate the feasibility of the designed fibres in the TOPDC system.”

Some of the things Dr Xu is looking forward to in her new position:

“I hope to establish a better me from the first job in my life. This includes the following aspects:
  1. Develop my research skills further in the world-class university – at NTU;
  2. Make good contributions to the NTU EEE project I’m currently involved in, and publish research articles out of it;
  3. Seek collaborations with other researchers in future.”


What Dr Xu does in her free time:
“My favorite thing to do in the free time is sports, including workouts, running, swimming, yoga and so on. They contribute a lot to me working efficiently as well as help me to keep a positive mindset. Thankfully, NTU provides a fantastic sports environment for everyone. I feel very delighted to work and live in NTU!”


Published on: 3-Feb-2017 

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