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Research Fellow Dr Caroline Nirina Foucher


Dr Pratik Chattopadhyay 


Just arriving on our NTU EEE campus grounds all bright-eyed and eager from the United Kingdom (UK) is Dr Caroline Nirina Foucher. She tells us more about what made her move her entire career and change in lifestyle from abroad to Singapore at NTU EEE. Dr Foucher reveals more on her NTU EEE decision to be a research fellow:
“I was very interested in joining NTU EEE’s Luminous! Centre of Excellence for Semiconductor Lighting and Displays as it is one of the top institutes in the world in the field of Photonics, and which offers the area of research I wanted to work in. I got to know of my current supervisor, NTU EEE Professor Hilmi Volkan Demir after attending a few seminars he gave in the UK about the research done in Luminous! After that, I was really keen on joining his research team.”


Dr Foucher also shares more about her background and what attracted her to research in her particular field of interest. She says, 
“I attained my Bachelor’s in Physics and Master’s in Materials Physics, both from the University of Salford, in the UK. I then earned my PhD’s in Physics from the University of Strathclyde (Glasgow, UK) that I obtained last year in March. After completing my post-graduate studies, I took on a research associate post, still at my alma mater, for 15 months before joining NTU EEE. My research was focused on organic lasers and colour-converters for visible communication applications. I have always been passionate about science and more particularly about Physics and Engineering. I want to contribute as much as possible to the recent advances in Photonics– which is my area of research. It is an exciting field that is evolving very fast nowadays!”

What EEE-related projects Dr Foucher is currently involved in:  
“In continuation with my previous research, I am working on quantum dot lasers and quantum well lasers, for applications from sensing, to spectroscopy. I am also working on colour-converters made with the same materials, in order to replace the usual phosphors used in combination with LED for lighting – which is necessary for obtaining fast data transmission rates through light and make “LiFi” closer to application.

I am involved not only with the fabrication stage of all the devices but also with the characterisation and the data analysis stages. The synthesis stage of the semiconductors is done by my collaborators in Luminous! 

In the coming times, I will be working on a project which is a collaboration between NTU EEE and my alma mater, the University of Strathclyde, on visible light communications. I very much look forward to my exciting career journey in NTU EEE – one of the top institutions in the world with top facilities – and learn from some of the best researchers in the world in engineering.”

What Dr Foucher does in her free time:
“I like travelling and discovering new places. I also like going to museums, fitness classes and socialising!”


Published on: 2-Dec-2016 

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