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Research Fellow Dr Li Yuhua


Being nicely settled in the NTU EEE environment is Dr Li Yuhua. The freshly-appointed NTU EEE research fellow is also a brand new NTU alumni member! Dr Li cheerily explains,
“I was a PhD student in NTU prior. After I graduated just this August, I strongly preferred to continue to be located in NTU because I did not want to leave my friends here. I also have the background of Mechanical Engineering so the project I joined matches my background. Therefore, I chose to join the NTU EEE family immediately without hesitation after graduating. The professor who is in charge of the staff is also responsible for supervising them; which causes us to work hard to improve ourselves.”

Dr Li enthusiastically sheds light on how life at NTU EEE has been like so far:
“Through these early weeks, I am very glad that I chose NTU EEE for the beginning of my career. The staff here are very nice and helpful to new staff to solve problems new staff encounter including our cubicles as well as the use of the printers and machines. Life at NTU EEE is also colourful after work. There are several different activities held by the School, such as the NTU ISG Road Race 2016 and the Fruit Fiesta for welcoming new staff, which make my experiences fantastic!”

Dr Li shares more about her academic background and how she came to the decision of delving into the research arena:
“I received my Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering from Changsha University of Science & Technology in 2008 and Master degree also in Mechanical Engineering from Hunan University. After that, I still wanted to further my research and that’s when I joined NTU to pursue my PhD degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering- Institute for Sports Research (MAE-ISR) under the supervision of Prof Leong Kah Fai from the School of MAE. After my graduation, I found that the research strength and the fantastic reputation of NTU (which stands at 13th in the QS World University rankings) attracted me tremendously to join NTU EEE for further contributions to Engineering.”

What EEE-related project Dr Li is currently involved in: 
“My project is a SMRT-NTU collaboration project. The objective of this project is to help SMRT develop better detection methods and monitoring systems so that potential issues such as the shut-off or the troubleshoots can be addressed quickly and accurately, even before they happen. Secondly, it is to enhance the reliability of existing rail assets by optimising maintenance and servicing processes.”

Some of the things Dr Li is looking forward to in her new position:
“I definitely look forward to making progressive contributions to the project and my research! In addition, to publish more papers in this field. Not forgetting, to forge nice relationships with my colleagues and staff both current and in the future.”

What Dr Li does in her free time:
“I am good at many sports such as playing tennis, badminton and running. In the weekends, I like to go to church. Also, in my spare time, I would invite my friends to have dinner together!”

Published on: 9-Dec-2016 

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