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SIA app challenge

​​NTU EEE students Duan Jiafei (EEE/4), Stella Gracia (EGBM/4), Dewi Sendjaja (EGBM/3) recently participated in SIA App Challenge 2020. The hackathon was organised virtually given the COVID-19 situation, with the participants working from their homes and dorms. The EEE students named their team "zaiSIA" and got into working on the challenge, making it into the top 10 finalist and winning the Superlative Award: Dare to Imagine Award. 

SIA App Challenge 2020.png 
 (Front left : Dewi Sendjaja, Stella Gracia and Duan Jiafei)

All students enrolled in any Singapore Institute of Higher learning were eligible to take part. 130 teams participated in the challenge. This hackathon was an opportunity for the bright minds of Singapore’s tertiary institutions to redefine the way we travel. The hackathon takes place from 21st August until 23rd August. Participants can expect 60 hours of jam-packed activities, workshops, and hacking. The challenge also offered an opportunity to learn from and work directly with SIA business units and IT, and gain coveted insights into the inner workings of the airline industry. The solutions with the most business potential will win a tech trip to Silicon Valley and KrisFlyer Miles. 

zaiSIA’s proposal was called Lug-Gate, the first-ever automated end-to-end pipeline for luggage damage detection using state-of-the-art 3D photogrammetry and neural rendering techniques. Using their techniques, airlines can generate 3D meshes of passenger's luggage for damaged detection with the aim to provide a gateway for hassle-free baggage claims. They used geo-caching and a machine learning algorithm to identify and scan pre-existing damage on passengers' pieces of luggage. They then inform passengers of the condition of the luggage so they can acknowledge it and SIA won't be liable for damage that is already there. 

The team saw potential in the airline industry as skies once teeming with planes clear up due to COVID-19, we were curious as to how an industry in the slumps would utilise technology to get back on the runway. SIA is also a household name and one of the top airlines in the world and it was interesting to gain insight on the problems they faced and how they could be solved with technology. 

View product demo here​

Published on 4 September 2020
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