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Student Scholar: Dong Weien


Dr Pratik Chattopadhyay 


One of our premier student scholars who attained the CN Yang Scholarship, is Mr Dong Weien. This scholar sings praises for NTU EEE’s curriculum and environment and tells us why studying in NTU EEE was a natural choice for him. 

“I chose to study Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) because I am interested in electronic product development and renewable energy. The skill-set acquired from EEE is also widely applicable to other fields and my future job prospects will be open to several possibilities. When I made my decision, NTU seemed to be the right choice because the NTU EEE curriculum is flexible and designed to equip students with the necessary skills to approach and solve problems. For example, undergraduate students will take two courses of laboratory experiments and a course named Introduction to EEE Design and Project in year 2. Such courses assist in the students’ transition from the realm of theories to the realm of applications. They can help condition students to be good engineers by furnishing its students with practical skills. The logic and problem solving skills are applicable to all fields of life.

Not forgetting, the facilities in EEE are top-notch. For example, I was very impressed by Garage@EEE when I visited NTU EEE. Garage@EEE encourages students to apply their skills learnt into developing their own projects by providing relevant equipment and materials. We can start to practise our skills and put them into good use before we even enter the workforce in the engineering industry. 


As a prospective student, I was also assured early on that the environment in NTU EEE is friendly and conducive! I actually visited NTU EEE several times pre-enrolment. For example, at the NTU Open House, I attended the talk given by the Chair, Prof Yoon Soon Fatt. In addition, Prof Andy Khong and his team from the Outreach office invited me for tours in NTU EEE and I had very pleasant discussions with them about various opportunities offered by NTU EEE. I also visited NTU several times when I was studying in junior college, to discuss my own research projects with mentors. 

The professors and staff were like friends to me! They answered my questions patiently and gave me useful advice. I was also assured that I would be offered guidance and assistance for my projects so I did not need to worry that I did not have much experience. 

Furthermore, I was aware that NTU EEE has close links with various companies and industries. This can offer various industrial opportunities to me so that I can use my knowledge and skills before I even enter the industry. This can give me a head start. Lastly but not the least, NTU EEE also consistently takes up top positions in various worldwide subject rankings. This most definitely indicates that NTU EEE consists of reputable faculty and research staff members that are recognised worldwide!”

Weien tells us more about the perks of studying under a scholarship in NTU EEE:
“Currently, I am studying under the NTU Science and Engineering Undergraduate Scholarship in the CN Yang Scholars’ programme. This scholarship makes my university education expenses manageable and my family will not be burdened financially by university fees. I can leave university loan-free and pursue my career without worrying about loan repayment – which is great. 

In addition, as a scholar, there are various opportunities for me to pursue my subject passions and interact with other top students. We exchange ideas and work on research projects together! My curriculum is challenging and I often have a very busy schedule but actually, there is really so much fun working hard together with my friends and other scholars. I enjoy uni life a lot.”

We find out more about Weien’s accumulated academic background and the various EEE projects he’s tried before:
“I came from Anderson Junior College. I took Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Economics and Linear Algebra (H3 math) as my content subjects. In addition, as a class leader and student instructor, I helped organise my school’s Leadership Training Camp.

In JC, I attended one of NTU EEE’s outreach programmes, the LED Cube workshop. We built our own LED Cube and programmed it so that it would shine with different patterns. It was very interesting although it took me quite a while to learn how to solder various components together and programme the LED Cube. The theory behind semiconductor and transistor was intriguing as well. 

I also took up the Nanyang Research Programme where I researched into Vanadium Redox Flow Battery in NTU EEE. It was the first time that I get to know how scientific research is conducted. The research was difficult. However, it was during the project, I realised that I can really put the knowledge learnt to good use. We could also just devise a model based on various equations and use it to predict the operation of a real-life machine. It was quite cool.”

We get to know some of Weien’s plans for his current undergraduate days at NTU EEE:
“I want to be more efficient and study smart. I wish to learn more how to apply my knowledge in solving problems instead of being a good exam taker. I plan to put in more effort in doing projects related to my passion and hopefully I can come up with some interesting ideas and designs in the next four years!”

What Weien does in his free time:
“I swim regularly to de-stress myself and keep myself fit. I like sports so I often play basketball or run with my friends when we are free.

I read books as well. Occasionally, me and my friends will have parties after some tough weeks.” 

Published on:12-Jan-2017 

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