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Student Scholar: Foo Xiang Bing


This new school year, NTU EEE opens its doors to yet another entire new student cohort which includes a number of noteworthy fresh undergraduates. Foo Xiang Bing, a select Year 1 undergraduate who is exceptionally under both the CN Yang as well as the Nanyang scholarships, tells us more about how NTU EEE interested him from early on which led to him being part of the School today. 

He shares, “It all started two years ago in 2014, when I visited NTU during the Open House event period. I remember being impressed then by the wide range of facilities for engineering such as the numerous labs with their high-end equipment. Notable facilities that really impressed me was when I was touring the clean room at the Satellite Research Centre; as well as when touring the EEE FYP displays and I had a discussion with a Year 4 student about Field Effect Transistors. I still remember that conversation because it sealed the deal for me! I was very impressed by how knowledgeable he sounded and most importantly, I could feel the sense of pride he had for the project.”

Xiang Bing tells us more about the exclusive double scholarships he’s currently studying under at NTU EEE: 
"The CN Yang Scholarship is greatly broad-based because it gives me a foundation in science and engineering courses on top of EEE-related ones; one example being able to try my hand in Biology! The scholarship so far seems like it can give me valuable insight and experience with research due to the research modules that are incorporated into the scholarship programme. As for the Nanyang Scholarship, it has really allowed me to concentrate on my studies without having to worry about financial issues."

We learn more about Xiang Bing’s academic background and the EEE-related activities he’s interested in: 
“I was previously from Nanyang Junior College. I have loved Mathematics and Physics since secondary school and that hasn’t changed till now. Over the years, I have been engaged in my own mini engineering projects such as making an automatic doorbell with an Arduino board. In addition, I have been combining different parts of retail electronics to get a more satisfactory product. For example, modifying a good sensor board of a mouse to fit it into another ergonomically better mouse casing to achieve the “best of both worlds"."

This determined scholar also has a few things he is eagerly looking forward to in his very first semester experience at NTU EEE. He sheds light on what they are, “Being a student at NTU EEE, I look forward to the day I design and successfully build my first functional analog circuit for the first time. In addition, I’m definitely looking forward to interning at research facilities, electronic testing or manufacturing companies to obtain industrial experience and contribute to the electronics industry in the future!”

What Xiang Bing does in his free time: 
“I enjoy listening to classical music a lot. It is because of this interest that I picked up the violin and also joined a community orchestra. Not forgetting, I love meddling with electronics and hence repairing computers and electrical appliances for my family and friends.”

Published on: 22-Nov-2016 

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