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Student Scholar: Melvin Lian

Dr Pratik Chattopadhyay

NTU EEE sees a select group of direct Year 2 freshmen hit the ground running in the new school term! One such student is Mr Melvin Lian, who is also a scholar studying under the College Scholarship. Melvin was very confident about his final choice of choosing NTU EEE,
“There are several reasons why I came to the decision to study in NTU EEE, with the general aim being to further my knowledge in the field of EEE even though I received a tertiary education in the field of Mechatronics previously. The ultimate deciding factor was that NTU EEE or even in general, NTU Engineering is ranked among the world’s best engineering education and research institution which I am very honoured to be part of now!”

Melvin lets us have a more detailed look about the College scholarship he’s currently studying under at NTU EEE:
“The College Scholarship offered by NTU provides opportunities for me to participate in many prestigious events as a student ambassador! Not forgetting, it allows me to develop desirable skills throughout the undergraduate period. The incentives offered by the scholarship sufficiently allow me to use my extra time to pursue additional extra-curricular activities such as the EEE-LEAD programme which is a leadership training initiative by NTU EEE. Such activities contribute to my personal development and time management skills. Furthermore, as the scholarship offered is bond-free, it allows me to decide freely on my future paths upon completion of my degree programme.”

We find out more about Melvin’s previous academic background and the kinds of EEE projects he’s been involved in thus far:
“Prior to NTU, I completed a Diploma in Mechatronics from Temasek Polytechnic, School of Engineering which actually involves fundamental knowledge and skill in integrating mechanical and electronics using computer control. The memorable EEE engineering projects I was involved in previously includes, the design and development of an assistive-walking device with control based on micro-chip programming. The other memorable EEE engineering project was the development of a micro-scale sensory device primarily designed for the medical industry to detect extremely minimal changes in forces.”

Check out this scholar’s insight to the kind of environment NTU EEE offers for its students:
“The holistic education and multidisciplinary learning environment supported by renowned faculty members is of much value to me, as a student studying in NTU EEE and also as a scholar of NTU. The School aims to provide an all-rounded student life to ensure education is not confined to strictly academic studies only. First-year students can experience campus life through hall accommodation, which definitely enriches the university experience as you will have the opportunity to participate in hall events and activities; not to mention the convenience of being near the academic buildings. Additionally, the school offers various General Electives (GEs) to complement your field of study.”

What Melvin does in his free time:
“I prefer to enjoy my personal time at cafes, and to either read novels or watch videos there.”

Published on: 28-Dec-2016