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Student Scholar: Prawira Genestonlia


For the new school year, we see a new cohort which includes worthy international and/or Permanent Resident students taking on the ASEAN scholarships. Mr Prawira Genestonlia, a Year 2 ASEAN undergraduate scholar, divulges more on how his mind was made up from his initial good impressions of NTU EEE. Prawira says, “I was actually offered a full scholarship to study in another local university as well. However, I still kept my choice neutral at that point in time. Upon attending NTU College of Engineering’s tea party and also NTU’s High Tea with President early this year, I got to learn a whole lot more about NTU EEE! The Garage@EEE place is very attractive as I learnt that I have the freedom to work on my own projects beyond the standard School’s curriculum. I also learnt more about how NTU EEE supports innovation and holds “pitching sessions” for students to pitch their ideas and get grants for their projects. This led me to understand one important thing – NTU EEE is very much student-oriented. In addition, the reason why I chose to study in NTU EEE is partly because the Energy Research Institute @ NTU (ERI@N) caught my eye! I have always wanted to do research on energy especially in the field of renewable energy. When I knew about ERI@N, it piqued my interest in NTU EEE a lot when I learnt that I can have my internship there and also possibly have the opportunity to work on a project there. Last but not least, NTU offers me the ASEAN scholarship which covers my tuition fees and gives me allowances, which was the greatest consideration when I chose NTU.”

Prawira sheds more light about the ASEAN scholarship he’s currently studying under at NTU EEE:
“I really enjoy the scholarship in that it actually allows me to work in any Singapore company after I graduate. The living allowances are also wonderful as they cover my monthly expenses. However, under the ASEAN scholarship, we are not guaranteed hall stay. As a result, I have to be simultaneously committed to CCAs to earn enough hall points, as well as strictly managing my time and efforts in Garage@EEE to work on innovations for example.”

We find out more about Prawira’s previous schooling background and the EEE-related activities he’s been involved in:
“I was from St. Andrew’s Junior College. I took Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Geography. I didn’t experience a lot of EEE engineering projects in my JC. However, when I was in secondary school, I attended an advanced elective module on clean energy by Singapore Polytechnic. It was the very first time I got to try engineering-related activities like soldering and also got to learn more about clean energy! That was the turning point of me deciding to study EEE for my undergraduate study.”

This active-minded scholar shares more about the things he’s looking forward to be involved in now right here in NTU EEE: 
“I look forward to the opportunities of going to overseas trips that revolve around visiting manufacturing industries and research centres in the EEE field especially for power and energy. In addition, I look forward to joining the Undergraduate Research Experience on Campus (URECA), a premier NTU research elective programme; as well as joining innovation challenges so that I can work closely with professors on my projects to turn ideas into reality!”

What Prawira does in his free time:
“Presently, I do not have much free time. So I actually make full use of whatever free time I have to watch technology-related videos on YouTube, and TED Talks on innovation, science and technology before I sleep.”


Published on: 7-Dec-2016 ​

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