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NTU EEE Alumnus: The Booming E-commerce Industry


 The e-commerce market in Singapore and the whole of Southeast Asia will continue to boom, according to a report by Temasek and Google. Beyond Southeast Asia, e-commerce also has long-term global growth prospects with prosperous e-commerce markets in China, US and India. ​

Head of Product Strategy and Growth, Shopee

Hence, e-commerce is a promising career prospect as it is a burgeoning industry that provides a great learning platform for fresh graduates to equip themselves with skills and knowledge essential in the current world today. As the Internet economy is ever-evolving, you will experience new developments and challenges every single day, and grow exponentially in a fast-paced and dynamic work environment.

With e-commerce in Southeast Asia projected to grow 16-fold, Shopee’s success in Southeast Asia and Taiwan is a result of a localised approach to bringing the best online shopping experience for both buyers and sellers across the different markets. Rather than being a one-size-fits-all platform, Shopee is customised for each of its seven markets across the region. With Shopee having the regional, home-court advantage, we have seen this first hand — our fresh graduates blossoming quickly into critical drivers of our rapid growth in markets from Thailand to Taiwan.

Imagine this: everyday, millions of commuters in cities like Jakarta and Manila opening an application that transports them away from the snarl of traffic to an online mall that is designed by you. Or maybe even a seller shipping the latest fashion and food trends from Taipei straight to Singapore thanks to the system you built. And at the heart of it, we have Product Managers who connect business opportunities to the technologies that enable our platform.

Product Management Program (PMP)
Since Southeast Asia technology companies are at a relatively early phase, we quickly realised that we have to train our Product Managers from the ground up. With Shopee’s unique 1-year PMP, fresh graduates are even given direct access to senior management, including the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). This is coupled with structured mentorship and development guidance in everything from making strategic decisions to managing algorithms. It helps that these newly minted Product Managers also get to work with alumni from the most prestigious technology companies, consultancies, banks and schools from around the world at Shopee.

Although Shopee is headquartered in Singapore, our regional presence also means that our PMP associates rotate through roles to understand various aspects of the challenging and rapidly evolving e-commerce business. They also have the opportunity to travel to understand our users first- hand, whether it is a study trip to a merchant’s warehouse in Ho Chi Minh City, or to join a usability test to hear what our most loyal buyers in Kuala Lumpur have to say.


 “As a fresh graduate in Shopee, the kind of responsibility and trust you are given can really bring out the best of you. It’s a challenging yet extremely rewarding place to work in.”

Associate, Product Management Program
Bachelor of Engineering (Information Engineering & Media)

Workplace Perks

The benefit of Shopee is that we move with the blistering pace of a start-up but the powerful resources of a listed company. Shopee also retains its start-up culture with an open-concept office featuring numerous co- working and community spaces.  

Skillset of Candidates

In return for offering a competitive salary and rewarding role, we are demanding in who we hire — both in terms of abilities and cultural fit. We have found the combination of outstanding communication skills, strong logical thinking, relentless resourcefulness and a team-oriented mindset to be rare — not to mention having a passion for building e-commerce company for Southeast Asia.

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Article Credit: NTU Career Tracks​

Published on: 13-July-2018​​​​​​​​​​​​​
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