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Elevators: we use these heavy-lifting machines every day, but we often take them for granted until the moment they break down.

Mr Long Fei (SCSE/2011), Co- founder of industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) startup SoftGridInc, has a personal bone to pick with lift malfunctions—his wife was once stuck in a lift for more than three hours at their condominum. This incident spurred him and his long-time friend, Mr Yi Ludi (EEE/2014), to tap on IoT technology to pre-empt lift breakdowns and improve lift servicing and maintenance. Together, they developed SoftGridInc’s core product, LiftGuardian (LG)—an integrated IIoT system that conducts real-time status remote monitoring of lifts.

Lifts are connected through sensors to SoftGridInc’s Lift loT platform, which constantly supervises lift operations. When any breakdown or emergency is detected, LG makes a swift judgement and automatically alerts relevant personnel to to assist in repairs and rescue. The system is also able to generate fault evaluation and onsite situation reports.

As NTU alumni, Mr Long and Mr Yi saw NTUitive as natural partner to help them get their ambitions off the ground. NTUitive’s Enterprise Development team worked closely with them, guiding them through the process of applying for a Startup SG Founder grant, which they eventually secured.

The duo remains focussed on refining their technologies, and hope to take their products and brand beyond Singapore’s shores to Malaysia and China.

“We constantly remind ourselves that it takes time for any market to accept a new concept such as ours. We will still soldier on and ensure our products the best versions they can be at any point in time,” Mr Long shared.

 Mr Yi Ludi
 Mr Long Fei



Credit NTU Link ​

Published on: 29-August-2018 ​​​

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