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  NTU EEE Technological Tour


  ESCENDO 2018

 Faculty | NTU EEE


Geneval Inventions Gold 2018
Device that can cut noise pollution
EEE Research News 2017-2
NTU EEE Technological Study Trip
Mini Radar | NTU EEE
NTU EEE students make cardboard arcade games come to life at NTU camp
NTU EEE Undergraduate Students
NTU EEE Faculty
NTU EEE Research Student
NTU EEE Research Student
NTU EEE Research
NTU EEE Research
NTU EEE Block S1-B1
IEEE 4th World Forum on Internet of Things
CoE Distinguished Speaker Charles Elachi

Undergraduate Programmes​​

Graduate Programmes​​​

NTU EEE scientists take multi-coloured images with a lensless camera


NTU EEE students soaring through the skies, drone-style

NTU EEE students light art exhibits featured in "i Light Marina Bay 2018"​

News and Events


Noise cancelling device by NTU EEE scientists halves noise pollution

NTU EEE first ever winter camp for students – ESCENDO 2018​

NTU EEE scientist come up with lightweight mini radar

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